In industries, the digital flow valve has a major role to play in the commencement processes. You can acquire a settled pressure by installing the electric hydraulic flow control valve. It assists to avoid any leakages and wastage of gasses by using the high pressure flow control valves. Gases are reactive at room temperature, need to install the electronic flow control to avoid leakage.

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The digital flow control valve avoids leakage of Corrosive gases like ammonia, chlorine, hydrogen chloride/ bromide, nitrogen dioxide, etc. These gases are stored at a specific pressure to avoid leakage. You may face a dangerous situation in an industrial unit due to minor leakage of such corrosive gases.

Applications digital flow valve:

There are important applications of electronic flow control  in industries and discussing them here in this article:

1-The Inside Pressure Airlines cabin:

The airline' Inside cabin Pressure is regulated by the high pressure flow control valves. The passenger needs a certain pressure to breathe properly after a certain height. You can control the inside air pressure of the cabin in the Airline industry by the digital flow control valve. If the pressure inside the chamber decreases or increases the high pressure flow control valves going to control it. The high pressure can be fatal for the lives of the passengers. The electric hydraulic flow control valve is automatically regulating the inside pressure of the flights by changing altitude. The digital flow valve assists to maintain a certain level of pressure that is necessary for flight operations.

  • Airline' Inside cabin Pressure
  • Automatically regulating the inside pressure

Airline Inside

2-The Leakage of Cylinders:

Corrosive gases like ammonia, chlorine, hydrogen chloride, etc are hoarded in a pressure cylinder. The digital flow control valve is used to fill the gas cylinder after calibrating the required pressure. 

The maintenance and calibration of accurate pressure are essential for the safety of industrial units. The high-pressure flow control valves can spot even a minor change of pressure inside the cylinder. It is essential for the safety purposes of the industrial unit. Measure and quantify the desired pressure of the gases, otherwise, it can cause major destruction.

  • calibrating the required pressure
  • safety purposes of the industrial unit
  • To measure and  quantify the desired pressure

The Leakage of Cylinders

3- The Setpoint Precision:

The digital flow control valve work by predefined instructions. The precise pressure, temperature, and molar concentration are settled and controlled.  Precise pressure and temperature are necessary for today’s industrial processes. During the commencement, the change in these variables of the production process can change the nature of the resultant products. for industrial production, the precision of the variables is closely monitored.

  • The predefined instructions
  • The precision of the variables


The digital flow control valve is installed in the industrial process to achieve precision and accuracy. The role is critical when you are dealing with corrosive and pungent gases in the reaction chamber. The valves are especially used to calibrate the pressure and temperature to your desired level.


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