The popular e-commerce company Evaly is going to resume its operations after being closed for almost a year. A new board of directors has been formed for popular e-commerce company Evaly ( Five (05) people took responsibility. Among them are the company's former chairman Shamima Nasreen, her mother Farida Akhtar and sister's husband Mamunur Rashid. Apart from this, there is Deputy Secretary of the Ministry of Commerce Kazi Kamrun Nahar and E-Commerce Association of Bangladesh (ICAB) Vice President Mohammad Sahab Uddin.

Shamima Nasreen, co-founder and chairman of the organization, attended a virtual press conference for the first time on Thursday (October 6, 2022) after taking charge. In an online press conference held on Evely's Facebook page, She said, "We have asked for 6 months to pay the dues. But before this time was over we were arrested. However, we were allowed to resume business after an affidavit was submitted to the court stating that '400 vendors will provide advance products to Evaly.''

Evaly wants to do uninterrupted business for one year to refund the customer's money. Shamima Nasreen said, "We need domestic and foreign investment the most to pay off our debt. It is possible to get investment if you can do uninterrupted business for the next one year. It is possible to pay off all debts from the first investment.

Shamima Nasreen
Co-founder and chairman of Evaly: Shamima Nasreen

Shamima Nasreen said, "From now on, we will not sell a single product without profit." Basically we will sell products through cash on delivery or pick and pay. She said, "We think that if Evaly's 4.5 million buyers and 30,000 sellers make regular purchases for their daily needs, domestic and foreign investment can come easily." As many of you may be aware, we have previously talked to investors looking to invest in Evaly. I strongly believe that if we are given the opportunity to manage our business properly, it will be possible to get investment very easily.

She said, "In some cases, we have admitted the errors in the business policy and asked for six months for the delivery of the dues and all the pending orders." But before we got that time, we were arrested in cases related to late payment and check dishonor.

Regarding the refund of customers, Shamima said, "Of course we have a refund plan. For this we have to open the server. This will not be possible if the server is not open. We have to contact Amazon directly for this. But because Mohammad Russell is in prison, it is not possible.

Shamima Nasreen said about money laundering, "Former Justice HM Shamsuddin Chowdhury Manik said we have done money laundering. He says we used to go to Dubai every month. First, it is not reasonable to say that we have done money laundering before the audit. And we have been to Dubai twice, that too to find investment companies, not to travel. Besides, the audit against money laundering has been conducted, it has finally been said that the audit cannot be completed due to lack of information. That means no one could prove we did money laundering. This is a lie. Either the former judge said these things without understanding, or deliberately spread confusion against Evaly.

Shamima Nasreen said about the money account, "When RAB raided our office, in a word, they immediately kicked out all our workers from the office. The keys of the office were taken from us and the RAB left leaving the office unguarded. Then you know, our office was looted. Due to this, many products along with important papers and documents were also lost. We used to transact money through a total of five gateways. If the server is opened, we will be able to give the correct information about the money.

Regarding the refund of creditor customers, Shamima Nasreen said, "If we are allowed to do business for one year, it will be possible to refund all customers' money from the first investment." We need investment right now. We do not want any investment where foreign companies take all the dividends. We always wanted the country's money to stay in the country. We wanted to create an example in this country like Jack Ma. But our biggest mistake was not withdrawing investment at the right time.

Regarding the cases filed by consumer rights against Evaly, Shamima Nasreen said, "We are working on the advice of the High Court and the Board. We will have a board meeting on this next week. Then I will give details in this regard.


Md. Regarding Russell's bail, Shamima Nasreen said, "If Russell's bail is not given, it will not be possible to open the server. Basically, the case against Russell is the case of Czech Dezhona. It is a case of one and a half crore rupees. We are working on Russel's bail. I will apply for Russell's bail in June next year.


In the press conference, the buyers and sellers of Evaly demanded the release of Evaly's founder Mohammad Russel. They said, if Russell is released, it will be easier to get the money back.


Naseeruddin, a merchant of Evaly, said at the press conference, Evaly should be given a new chance. Evaly will turn around if given new business opportunities. Many startup companies are getting foreign investment. Given a chance to Evaly, it could also bring in investment.


On September 22 of last month, Shamima Nasreen, the former chairman of the e-commerce company Evely, took charge of the company.


Mahbub Kabir Milan, the managing director of the board who resigned at that time, said that the audit report, the opinion of the managing director, the opinion of the board of directors as directed by the court and the resignation letter of all the members of the board of directors directed by the high court have been submitted to the high court department on September 21.


Earlier, the five-member board of directors led by former justice HM Shamsuddin Chowdhury Manik gave up the responsibility of Evaly. In addition to Mahbub Kabir Milon, the board led by HM Shamsuddin Chowdhury Manik had members - former secretary of local government and rural development department Mohammad Rezaul Ahsan, chartered accountant Fakhruddin Ahmed and company law specialist lawyer barrister Khan Mohammad Shamim Aziz.

Former judge HM Shamsuddin Chowdhury Manik said in a press conference on December 19 last year while in charge, 'It is proved by seeing the vouchers of Evaly's money transactions, the arrested managing director of the company Mohammad Russell and the chairman Most. Shamima Nasreen smuggled a lot of money abroad.


The organization's Facebook page has been reactivated after Shamima Nasreen Evaly took charge on September 22.


In 9 cases of check fraud on April 21 of this year, the chief executive officer of the e-commerce company Evaly. The court granted bail to Russell. On that day, Russell could not be released from prison as there were more cases against him, even though he got bail from the Dhaka Chief Metropolitan Magistrate Court. However, Shamima Nasreen is currently on bail.


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