Higher Secondary School Certificate (HSC) Exam- 2022

English 1st & 2nd Paper Suggestions

SSC exam is almost over. HSC exam is very near. As per the routine published on 12/09/2022, the HSC examination will start on 06/11/2022. So I request my dear HSC candidates to be more careful in their studies. One should have a broad idea of the most talked about topics of the present time. So that they can write the exam no matter what happens to them. Below are the most talked about topics of the moment:

  • Padma Bridge
  • Price Hike of Essential Commodities
  • Corona Virus (COVID-19)
  • Floods in Bangladesh

Essays, paragraphs, dialogues on any of the above topics can appear in the exam. So have a good idea about the issues.

HSC Exam-2022 Schedule

01. Paragraph/ Composition (English 1st/ 2nd Paper)

  • Price Hike of Essential Commodities
  • Padma Bridge
  • Food Adulteration
  • Load Shedding/ Traffic Jam
  • Drug Addiction
  • Outsourcing/ Freelancing
  • Climate Change/ Environment Pollution
  • The Importance of Learning English/ The Importance of Games and Sports
  • The uses and abuses of mobile phone/ internet
  • Think Globally, Act locally
  • An Ideal Student/ Adolescence
  • Good Health/ Importance of Physical Exercise
  • Manners and Etiquette
  • Human Rights/ Kindness
  • 7th March Speech/ National Flag/ The Victory Day
  • Conflict
  • Diaspora
  • Folk Music
  • Premature Marriage
  • My Favourite Personality
  • A Book Fair
  • Friendship
  • Patriotism
  • A Street Hawker
  • Self-employment
  • Ways to a Healthy Balance between Virtual and Real Life
  • Moral Degradation of the Young Generation
  • Importance of Moral Values
  • Dengue Epidemic
  • Gender Equality
  • Dowry System
  • Brain Drain
  • My Childhood Memories
  • Digital Bangladesh/ Modern Technology and Globalization/ Infotainment of Internet
  • University Admission is too Competitive
  • Our Population, a Prospect or a Problem?
  • Duties and Responsibilities of Students
  • Importance of the Rivers in Bangladesh.
  • Over population Tampers all Development Programmes
  • How Sky Culture Affects Our Lite-on Earth

02. Report Writing (English 2nd Paper)

  • About a local book fair
  • About price hike
  • On the cultural week/ the price giving ceremony
  • On the consequence of drug addiction
  • About Traffic Jam/ Load Shedding
  • On food adulteration
  • On life of Slum Dwellers
  • On Tree Plantation/ Deforestation/ Bad effect of cutting Trees
  • About a Horrible road accident
  • National Mourning Day observed with great solemnity
  • Day long Hartal Paralyzed the whole Nation
  • About an earthquake/ massive fire in a factory
  • On the results of HSC exam
  • Observance of the Victory Day/ International Mother Language Observed in a college

03. Writing formal letters (English 2nd Paper)

  • For setting up an English Debating Club/ English Language Club/ Computer Club
  • Sea t in the college hostel
  • Transfer Certificate/ Testimonial
  • For increasing common room facilities/ Library facilities/ Multimedia facilities/ To provide sound system for large classroom
  • Seeking permission to go on a study tour
  • Repair a road/ bridge
  • To open a relief camp for flood affected people
  • For the post of accountant/ junior officer/ librarian/ Chief executive officer/ Assistant Teacher or English Teacher

      Email Writing
  • About arranging a cricket match/ football match
  • About attending the seminar on language study
  • Request for providing internet facilities for the up-gradation of your library
  • Request to extend your helping hand for the flood victims
  • For Seeking information about a tour abroad
  • Prayer for issuing Certificates/ Testimonial
  • About preparation for the HSC exam
  • A place of historical interest
  • Congratulating on brilliant success
  • Not to waste time surfing the internet / facebook
  • Consoling for someone’s death/ Thanking for hospitality
  • An email to your friend inviting him to join a picnic

04. Story Writing (English 1st Paper)

  • Thirsty crow
  • Sheikh Saadi and his Dress
  • A kind Lion and a Grateful Mouse
  • Cowboy and tigers
  • A Fox without a Tail
  • Nobody believes a liar
  • Money Cannot Bring Happiness
  • Graph all lose all
  • An ant and dove
  • Who will bell the cat
  • An Honest Woodcutter/ A greedy Farmer
  • Accursed Child Labor (Rina works in a rich man’s house)
  •  A Scholar and a Boatman
  • A foolish crow and a cunning fox
  • King Midas and His Golden Touch

05. Rearranging (English 1st Paper)

  • Nelson Mandela
  • Kazi Nazrul Islam
  • Alexander the Great
  • Robinson Crusoe
  • The Fox and the Grapes
  • Nasiruddin Hojja
  • The boyhood of Sher-E-Bangla
  • The simplicity of Einstein
  • King Solomon and Queen of Sheba/ King Solomon’s wisdom
  • Sheikh Saadi and the Gang of Robbers
  • A Fox without a Tail
  • Hazrat Abdul Quader Zilani
  • The Death Sentence of Socrates
  • The Richman and The farmer

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