About 6 lakh Facebook accounts are hacked every day. As a result, many are in danger. Carelessness is mainly responsible for these problems. What to do in Facebook ID protection is discussed.

What to do to keep your Facebook account safe

01. Two-step verification

Facebook has introduced 'two-step verification' facility to keep it safe from danger. Using this requires entering another PIN code every time you sign in to your desired service (e.g. Facebook) on a new device/browser, even after inputting the username-password. This code comes through SMS on mobile. These are also called security codes, which are sent from the server every time.

02. Username, password and cellphone number

Hacking any account with two-factor verification enabled requires at least three factors. They are username, password and mobile number on which the service is registered/security code. Taking the username-password at the same time makes it less likely that your mobile phone will fall into the hands of a hacker. So when the system asks for the PIN received in the mobile SMS while signing in to Facebook, it will not be possible for them to give it. And in this journey your account will also be protected from hacking. To enable login approval, first sign-in to your Facebook account.


Then check the Require me to enter a security code each time an unrecognized computer or device tries to access my account under Login Approvals in the Facebook Account Settings > Security section. Now click Next and enter the code received in the SMS on the mobile, press Next and click Save button.

Free Notification Facility: Facebook is providing free text message notification facility to the users. Text message notifications will reach you when your account is accessed from a computer or mobile. Then you can understand who is logging into your account.

03. Caution on using third-party apps

There is no shortage of third-party applications to make Facebook more interesting. But hackers gain control of user ID through apps. Many apps use them at some point but forget to delete or disable them after use. Before using the third-party app, check how secure it is.

Apart from this, clicking on a link can take you to a shopping website or advertisement page. If you can get there, cyber crooks can make a lot of money. Because they get paid per click only if they increase the clicks on an ad display or website. Also, in many cases, your confidential documents can come into the hands of that webpage.

Those who unknowingly click, they think they may have entered another site by mistake, so they try the same a second time. But the same thing happens again. The same thing happens when you click on any link in a scam email. So experts advise to avoid this type of mail. They suggested logging into Facebook to make sure that everything is fine on Facebook.

04. Multiple accounts are prohibited

Opening multiple accounts of the same user was also prohibited earlier. But it was not very strict. Now Facebook is following very strict rules in this regard. So be careful about opening multiple accounts.

05. Beware of Facebook mail

Be careful when you receive any mail from Facebook (www.facebook.com). If you click on the link in the inbox, you will be in danger. Because that mail may not have come from Facebook. According to the news published in an international press, lately hackers are trying to steal everything by using some sophisticated techniques. They are constantly monitoring your movements on social networking sites. Facebook sends a special type of mail and a link with it to the mail ID associated with your account after not noticing your presence in the Facebook profile for some time. It is written in that mail, 'You have not been on Facebook for quite some time. Your messages will be deleted soon'. With this you will be given two options. 'View Message' and 'Go to Facebook'. Clicking on any of these can expose all your information to hackers.

06. Additional precautions

  • It is better not to give the family address on Facebook or mention your cellphone number on the profile.
  • Never accept friend requests from strangers without checking them carefully.
  • Avoid using short or simple passwords. You can use numbers, letters, symbols while entering the password.
  • Use your active e-mail. This will make it easier to recover the account if it is hacked.


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