Talent has no age limit. Talent develops spontaneously. And so the story of our little genius today proves that age is just a number. Usually at an age when everyone is busy with sports and studies, i.e. school homework or learning about dance, music or something else, if a teenager teaches others at that age, then he or she falls into the genius level.

And in this case, this genius is not only about signing, but one of the tools in the current science-based and technology-based education system is the computer, and the most important thing in creating this computer's software and various apps is coding. And our little genius of today has acquired an innate skill in this coding.

Samaira Mehta

Samaira Mehta, this 10-year-old Indian born genius has grown up in Silicon Valley since childhood. This genius is one of the most successful young programmers of the current generation. And so this genius created his own company at the age of ten. The company is called 'Kids Banijya', which provides basic knowledge of computer coding to boys and girls like her.

And this little genius is the founder and chief executive officer of this company. Every time his news spread not only on American soil but all over the world. This little genius has been honored many times at various computer programming conferences in Silicon Valley and has been invited many times to present his experience.

It started when he was just 8 years old. Actually father Rakesh Mehta is an engineer of IT company called Intel. And so grew up learning about computers from childhood. While still a teenager, with the help of his father, he created a small computer programming game called Coder Bunnyz, which was basically an early education game to teach other kids how to code.

His coding skills started at the age of six. And for inventing this board game, he won the second prize with a monetary prize of $2500 in a competition called 'Think Tank Learning Pitch Fest 2016'.

Later he started marketing his game through various online sites. And in just 1 year, 1000 copies of this game were sold. As a result, his annual income from just selling this game became 35 thousand US dollars. And when his knowledge spread around, computer technology-based international companies like Google, Microsoft invited this little genius to their own workshop and started doing various walks to encourage young children about computer programming.

He was even offered by Google to join Google as a programmer if he wanted to after finishing college. Although his desire is not to work in association with any company, but his dream is to use his innovative power to create a new industrial company on his own.


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