Currently, the bad news of fire is increasing gradually. Every year, billions of rupees of property are burnt due to some mistakes of people. Many people are losing their lives. So we have to be aware if we want to survive the fire. 

Fire is called omnivorous. Because property worth crores of rupees was destroyed in the fire. Valuable items built by moles. Not only that, loss of life occurs. A clear proof of this is the fire that happened in old Dhaka's Chawkbazar. Needless to say the extent of the damage, the cries of the bereaved are even more shocking.

These terrible fires can be avoided by taking some simple precautions. People should always remember three things about fire. Namely:

  1. Cause of fire
  2. Rules for being careful not to catch fire
  3.  If somehow there is a fire, then what to do next.

There are various causes of fire. Many times it is seen that due to the small mistakes of people, terrible fires occur. So people should know more or less the causes of fire. For example:

  1. Carelessly dropping the burning end of a bidi-cigarette
  2. Do not turn off the gas stove after cooking
  3. Use of defective or punctured cylinders
  4. Apply hot ash to dry things
  5. Let the clothes dry by burning the oven
  6. Using unsafe electrical wiring
  7. Children playing with fire.

There are thousands of small reasons that cause fires. So do not start a fire because of a small mistake; For that, you have to take precautions in advance. That's why the stove should be turned off after cooking. Clothes should never be dried on a burning stove. Never dispose of burning ends by smoking. Do not use defective electrical appliances at home. Keep children away from fire. So that they cannot play with fire.

If a fire accidentally breaks out despite being careful, some steps should be taken as soon as possible. The emergency department of the fire service and civil defense should be telephoned as soon as possible. Nowadays, most of the fires are caused by gas cylinders. Bangladesh uses more than one and a half crore gas cylinders. But almost half of the people are unaware of this.

Professor of Mechanical Engineering Department of Dhaka University of Engineering and Technology Dr. Hasan Mohammad Mostafa Afroz said, 'Cylinders should be checked every five years. The date of examination should be engraved on the cylinder.' But there is no such date on the cylinder. Risk remains if cylinder is not checked at regular intervals. Moreover, it is known that there are more than 40-45 years old gas distribution lines in Dhaka; For which there are many chances of accidents.

Awareness should be raised on these issues. Strict enforcement of laws to avoid risk if necessary. Preventive measures should be developed in every house, workplace, institution regarding the cause, warning and prevention of fire. Only then will the public be able to escape from the fire.


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