Those who have four fingerprints in the National Identity Card (NID) will have to give 10 fingerprints again, said Director General of NID Division AKM Humayun Kabir. He said that the Election Commission (EC) will undertake a project next year to take 10 fingerprints of voters. However, those who have given 10 fingerprints while collecting the smart card, will not have to give any more.

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Director General of NID Division AKM Humayun Kabir said these things in a function organized at Election Training Institute on Saturday (September 24, 2022). Dhaka Regional Election Officer Faridul Islam chaired the meeting EC Secretary Md. Humayun Kabir Khondkar was present as the chief guest.

NID Director General said, 'Let's say one thing, as we want to make the upcoming polls (national elections) more beautiful, that's why we will update the finger prints. Those who have taken the smart card, have given ten fingerprints. For those who have not given 10 fingerprints, we are trying to take 10 fingerprints from next January. We have already discussed with the commission. I will go into this process immediately after the publication of the final voter list (March 2 next year) at the end of the ongoing update.

AKM Humayun Kabir said, 'For those who are new voters, I am checking the birth registration of their SSC, PSC, JSC if necessary, so that there is no mistake. One thing to be careful about is that those who are elderly should be consciously scrutinized and voted. Different types of people live in Dhaka. People from Africa live in Latin America. So they may also want to be voters. Do not vote without giving complete information.

He said, "Employees of various forces give the name of a wife after three-four years to collect ration. Now when a real marriage takes place, the name of the one who gets married is not the same as the previous name. Complications arise in pensions. Then come for correction.

He also said, 'Many have two/ three valid birth certificates. You will be very careful in these cases. If an elderly voter has two birth certificates, assume - Dal mein kuch kaala hai. And if you are a brand new voter then you have the certificate of the educational institution. It should be followed. Warishan takes a good look at the Sanad, so that the younger brother does not grow up. Take care of these things.

Addressing the officials, he said, "We have broker class around us. Constantly selling you-me. Do not develop personal relationships with them. It has been reported in the newspaper that he went to the election office in Dinajpur crying and saying, 'Make me alive a little. I am not dead.' Then we gave you the software, from there you can fix it now. We are currently collecting data up to the age of 15. Next year, the age may go further back.

EC secretary in the meeting. Humayun Kabir Khondkar said, 'We provide service. But if the pace is not increased, the citizens will suffer. If there is honesty, sincerity, then we can. The pace has increased compared to the past, but needs to be increased.


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