You have to be a little more conscious about eating at night. Some foods can make you suddenly sick, and some foods can disturb your peaceful sleep. There are certain foods that are responsible for ruining your night's sleep. What, wondering? Not surprisingly, there are certain foods that can ruin your favorite night's sleep.

Say no to these foods at night if you want to sleep peacefully. Let's know which foods to avoid at night to stay healthy.

Avoid these foods before bed:

1. Dark chocolate and coffee

Dark chocolate has many health benefits. But these dark chocolates and coffees contain caffeine which inhibits the functioning of your nervous system. The acidic content of coffee keeps your brain alert and prevents sleepiness.

2. Spicy food

Spicy food takes longer to digest. If you are over 40 then definitely avoid eating spicy food at night. This food causes stomach indigestion, gas problem.

3. Protein foods

Beef, pulses, fatty foods take longer to digest. Again, too much chicken meat works like beef. So avoid eating meat at night.

4. Fast food

Avoid eating fast food. These high-fat foods produce acid in your stomach and can cause heartburn.

5. Processed cheese

Natural cheese is better for health than processed cheese. Taking it at night can cause digestive problems as well as hinder your metabolism. Even this one food can give you a good night's sleep.

6. Soft drink

Soft drink

Many people drink soft drinks after meals. Drinking it at night is more harmful to health. Soft drinks inhibit blood circulation in the body as well as their excess sugar and gaseous compounds that disrupt the sleep cycle and the production of sleep-inducing hormones.

7. Ice cream

Ice cream is made with lots of sugar, milk and other ingredients. Ice cream is not easy to digest, it can even make you gain weight!

8. Sugar

Although natural sugar is good for sleep, artificial sugars that we consume in various foods are absorbed into the blood and provide energy very quickly, but their effectiveness also wears off very quickly, which can cause sleeplessness at night.

9. Fruit

Consuming too much fruit causes gas in the body and digestive problems. If you must eat fruit at night, do not eat more than one cup of fruit.

10. Green tea

Although green tea has many benefits, but green tea is very harmful to sleep. The chemicals in green tea are responsible for that. So don't forget green tea if you want to sleep well at night.

11. Sweet

Many people have the habit of eating sweets after dinner. As the blood sugar level increases and the body relaxes, so does weight gain.


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