Hiccups during meals, during class, during urgent meetings at the office or during sleep create an extremely uncomfortable, embarrassing situation. Hiccups never had to be in a state of embarrassment in life, you will not find such a person, it can not be! What to do to quickly remove hiccups at such a time? Let's find out today 10 surefire ways to stop hiccups, any one of them will be beneficial.


10 surefire ways to stop hiccups

01. You can eat one spoon of butter or sugar. The problem will be solved quickly.

02. Massage the upper part of the face well. Lightly massage the back of the neck if necessary. It will also reduce hiccups.

03. If you have a sudden hiccup, take a long breath and hold it in for a long time. In this case, keep your nose closed. The problem will be solved.

04. Put your head inside the paper bag and breathe. You will get benefits in a short time.

05. Take a deep breath. Hug the knees close to the chest and stay like this for a few minutes. It gives quick benefits.

06. To stop hiccups, put a piece of lemon on the tongue and suck it as it feels sweet. It is quite effective in stopping hiccups.

07. Drink more water. Drinking cold water especially gives quick benefits.

08. When you breathe in through your nose, lightly pinch your nose. It helps in reducing hiccups.

09. Another helpful way to stop hiccups is to put two fingers in both ears and stay for some time. You will see that hiccups stop immediately.

10. You can also eat grated ginger with lemon juice to stop hiccups. You will get benefits in a short time.


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