One of the basic things of computer is computer storage or memory. Basically, the place where a computer stores all its data is called a storage device. If you want to do any work using a computer, it must first be stored in its memory. This storage device is of two types, one is conventional hard drive and the other is SSD. With two types of devices to do the same job, many of us get confused about which one to use. So let's take a look at some of the commonalities between hard drives and SSDs so that you can easily decide which one is right for you.

SSD Harddisk

First let's talk about hard drive or hard disk. Many of us mainly talk about only one hard disk as computer storage. Because hard disk is widely used as storage device in the world. By using it we can do all kinds of work of a computer such as running the operating system, storing all its files, we can store our various personal information or files. But the problem is that hard drives are much slower. This means that the process of storing data is very slow.

On the other hand SSD (solid-state drive) can process and store data about 2-3 times faster than hard disk. So PC using SSD is much faster. The data transfer speed of hard disk is 50-100 megabytes per second while the data transfer speed of SSD is 200-550 megabytes per second.

Also hard disk has moving parts inside which makes it more prone to damage than SSD. In addition, hard disk consumes 6-7 watts of power but SSD uses only 2-3 watts, which means that in all aspects, SSD is several times better than hard disk, so where is the problem? Actually the problem is in price and capacity. Where the price of 1 tera hard disk is only 3 thousand 500 taka to 4 thousand taka, then the price of 250 GB SSD is only 7-8 thousand taka. Also, SSDs do not exceed 4 terabytes at most, while hard disks have a capacity of up to 10 terabytes. So take all the factors into consideration and decide for yourself which one is best for you.


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