Obesity due to eating disorders and busy lifestyle has now become a cause of concern for both men and women. Bad habits of junk food and irregular eating increase bad fat in the stomach. In which various diseases are created. Everyone is in danger because of that. But we can get rid of this problem very easily. Follow just five rules in a week, and lose belly fat.

Step - 1. The first thing to do to lose belly fat is yoga. Not only abdominal exercises, but whole body exercises should be done. Push-ups, pull-ups should be done. Jump rope is best if you want to lose belly fat in 1 week you need to lose 500 to 600 calories in daily exercise.

Step - 2. Start the day with lemon and water. Drink 1 glass of warm lemon water regularly in the morning. Try to keep the amount of lemon juice high. Eat a piece of fruit or plenty of water before breakfast. Remember, water is the best medicine for losing fat. Besides, the demand for food will decrease. Be sure to drink plenty of water regularly throughout the day.

Step - 3. Abdominal muscles should be exercised 3 days a week. Crunches and leg exercises should be done in 3 sets of 20 times each time. Practice push-ups through the elbows. It will reduce belly fat within 1 week.

Step - 4. To reduce belly fat, sugar and carbohydrates should be eliminated from the diet. Carbohydrates can be kept low to maintain the body's energy levels. But sugar must be avoided. Eat fish and poultry, plenty of vegetables and fiber-rich foods. And eat one or two pieces of fresh fruit every day. Especially sour fruits. No matter what food you eat, the portion of salt should be very less.

Step - 5. Use only cinnamon, pepper and ginger in de-spiced foods. These spices help in removing belly fat. Garlic also removes belly fat. You can practice chewing raw ginger and garlic, it not only cures obesity, but also cures cold and cough and various diseases. Use green chilli paste in food.


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