Sports can improve the body's basal metabolic rate, burns calories, it can help lose weight thin. The researchers once made 72 females as test persons, so that they exercise 30 minutes to run away, and before and after exercise testing in the blood of the obese gene product-leptin concentrations.

It was found that 86% of subjects leptin were increased significantly. Another similar findings on the contrary, but the research was based on the intense campaign to for testing, so to be "Sports makes leptin to reduce" result.

Thus, people who want to lose weight Do not exercise too far. Strength exercise basically do not burn up the fat, especially in anaerobic exercise, muscle glycogen produced during anaerobic glycolysis metabolite is lactic acid and lactic acid in aerobic conditions, the majority of decomposition in the liver to carbon dioxide and water, part of the re-synthesis of glycogen, but there are also a small amount of lactic acid synthesis through the metabolism of fat. That is why the strength of the movement not only failed to exercise any role in weight loss, and sometimes contrary, it will cause increased accumulation of body fat.

To this end, sports medicine experts suggest that those who want to lose weight weight-loss, general exercise half an hour to an hour, heart rate per minute under the 130-175 or so, can be regarded as a moderate movement, so that protein concentration can increase the weight-loss.


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