Let’s Change Failure into Success….

Sickness into Sound Health….. Let’s Change Ourselves!

Author: Himmel Parvin Laila
1st Published on July 19, 2022

I used Russian physiologist Ivan Pavlov’s Classical Condition Theory in my graduate thesis. This theory unveiled the truth to me that, I, Himmel who is genetically an ill-tempered person, can turn into a courteous, humble, and unruffled person.

Now, the question is how?

‘Day by Day...In Everyway...I am getting...Better & better '

Dr. Émile Coué – the French psychiatrist – cured persons with numerous psychosomatic diseases like migraine, acute headache, rheumatic, asthma, paralysis, stammering, tumor, gastric ulcer, insomnia, prescribing the above-stated sentence. Not much, the patients had to utter the sentence more or less 20 to 40 times twice a day – morning and evening – with a contemplated mind. The patients used to walk back home fully cured. This is the story of 1910 – 1926.

Dr. M. U. Ahmed is the avant-garde of applied psychology in Bangladesh. He himself once managed to escape death following the same process. When all his doctors lost hope for his life, he kept saying to himself, “I must live, I will live”. Gradually, he turned around and lived for a few more years.

Where is the hidden mystery here? When we keep sending the same information over and again to our brain, it creates a new path, which Science terms as creating dendrite. It creates a new working structure or a new framework in our brain. Sending the same information to our brain over and again is known as autosuggestion practice in psychology. Practicing autosuggestion, we can improve our personality and help cure diseases.

Prophet Mohamed (Peace be upon him) says, “when you meet someone, after Salam if you are greeted, answer ‘All praise to Allah! I am doing good ’.” Now see the fun thing here, if someone meets 20 people a day and greets them saying, “All praise to Allah! I am doing good”, his brain receives the same information 20 times. Even if you are in despair, this autosuggestion will help change the working structure of your brain. Silently, you will start changing yourself from the inside.

Now, are you finding a connection between the autosuggestion and Uncle Pavlov’s theory?

So, ' I am a genetically ill-tempered person' – this comprehension no longer stands, as, if I wish, I can change my behavior by practicing autosuggestion correctly, isn't it?

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