01. Eat green

Green is green. Foods are to follow the principles of sustainable development of agriculture, according to a specific mode of production of production and processing, determined by the governing body of clean green, safe, high quality, nutritious food. At present, an increasing number of foods put on the people's dining table, and people are more and more aware of green food healthy food, more and more choices of green food. No doubt, the future is green will play a key role table.

02. Eat black

Black is black food. Nutritionists have long pointed out that the natural high and low nutritional value of food not only related to the kinds of food, but also with the natural color, of which the black the best nutritional value of food. Belong to the black food, black rice, black sesame, black beans, rye, black fungus, black-bone chicken, turtle and so on, they are not only good taste and rich nutrition, but also a good nourishing diet function, and can improve the immune system, have anti-cancer anti-cancer effects.

03. Eating bacteria

Bacterium is able to form large fruiting bodies of fungi, or the types of sclerotia and to eat, there are mushrooms, shiitake mushrooms, edible fungus, Cordyceps sinensis, Ganoderma lucidum, Poria, etc., they are interested in the human body contains large amounts of nutrients, there is blood fat, lowering blood pressure, regulation of human metabolic effect on blood pressure, new cerebrovascular disease, cirrhosis, diabetes, have a good role in the prevention and adjuvant therapy, and may health skin appearance benefits, enhance immunity, enhance intelligence, improve vision, improve the Human disease resistance.

04. Pac

Beans is beans. Soybeans contain 40% protein, contains 8 kinds of essential amino acids the human body, containing 18% fatty acids, mainly unsaturated fatty acids, resulting in a high nutritional value, and there is anti-aging, blood fat, prevent cancer, and so on. Legumes such as soy milk, Yuba, tofu, etc. are not suitable for the growth and development of young people eat, but also particularly suitable for arteriosclerosis, hyperlipidemia, coronary heart disease, diabetes, elderly people eat.


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