Here is the ultimate and precise breast implant info that you were looking for. Breast implant surgery is a prosthetic surgery completed for cosmetic reasons. The breasts sometimes get deformed due to some medical conditions or surgical procedures. In view of augmenting or restructuring the deformed breasts, medical devices are put under chest muscles or under chest tissues.

There are two types of breast implants, saline-filled breast implant and silicone breast implants. Saline shells filled with saline are used in saline implants whereas silicone shells filled with silicone gel are used in silicone implants. Also, platinum, which is in zero oxidation state and pose low health risk, is combined within the gel and shell components of the implants. Breast implants vary in profile, size, and shell surface.

breast reconstruction

Breast augmentation is approved for women over 22 years old and breast reconstruction is approved for women belonging to any age-group. Breast implants are generally performed to enhance the breast size or to remove the undesired results of an earlier breast implant surgery. Some undergo surgery to replace breasts that have been removed as the result of cancer or a traumatic accident. A major problem regarding breast implants is that they do not keep their shape forever. Sometimes the saline-filled breast implants rupture due to uncertain reasons making the implants deflate. The ruptures cause the saline solution to leak into surrounding body parts. This becomes evident as the implant loses its original size and/or shape. After having breast implant surgery, one may have to undergo additional surgeries over the next few years due to rupture, other complications, or cosmetic failure.

One should keep in mind that the changes to ones breasts following breast implantation are irreversible. If one later wants to remove the implants, it becomes impossible to regain the pre-implant breast appearance. When one undergoes revision surgery, the risk of post-surgical complications is more as compared to the first (primary) implant surgery. Performing regular mammograms for screening of breast cancer becomes very difficult after breast implants. Breast implants are not advisable for mothers with young babies because the implants can reduce the ability of milk production. Anyone contemplating the surgery should thoroughly research the breast implant info as well as get proper consultation and choose the best surgeon available.


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