International Affairs Division

Islamic University, Bangladesh

Kushtia - 7003, Bangladesh



Admission Notice for International Students

Islamic University Kushtia, Bangladesh invites international students to apply for admission into one of its thirty six (36) undergraduate programs. Academic qualification, requirements and other important information are given below:

A. Undergraduate Programs Offered at Islamic University under its Eight Faculties:

a. Faculty of Theology and Islamic Studies:
  1. Department of Al-Quran and Islamic Studies
  2. Department of Da'wah and Islamic Studies
  3. Department of Al-Hadith and Islamic Studies

b. Faculty of Arts:
  1. Department of Arabic Language and Literature
  2. Department of Bengali
  3. Department of Islamic History and Culture
  4. Department of English
  5. Department of Fine Arts

c. Faculty of Social Sciences:
  1. Department of Economics
  2. Department of Public Administration
  3. Department of Political Science
  4. Department of Folklore Studies
  5. Department of Development Studies
  6. Department of Social Welfare
  7. Mass Communication and Journalism

d. Faculty of Business Administration:
  1. Department of Accounting and Information Systems
  2. Department of Management
  3. Department of Finance and Banking
  4. Department of Marketing
  5. Department or Human Resource Management
  6. Department of Tourism and Hospitality Management

e. Faculty of Law;
  1. Department of Law
  2. Department of Al-Fiqh and Legal Studies
  3. Department of Law and Land Management

f. Faculty of Sciences:
  1. Department of Mathematics
  2. Department of Statistics
  3. Department of Environmental Science and Geography
  4. Physical Education and Sports Science

g. Faculty of Engineering and Technology:
  1. Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering
  2. Department of Applied Chemistry and Chemical Engineering
  3. Department of Computer Science and Engineering
  4. Department of Information and Communication Technology
  5. Department of Biomedical Engineering

h. Faculty or Biological Sciences:
  1. Department of Applied Nutrition and Food Technology
  2. Department or Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering
  3. Department of Pharmacy

B. Qualification for Admission:

Candidates seeking admission into one of the above mentioned programs must have the following qualifications:

  1. The applicant must complete twelve-year (12) education (e.g. A-Level/O-Level in the British Education System or equivalent examination) not before 2020.
  2. S/he has to secure CGPA 3.50 under the scale of 5.00 or CGPA 3.0 under the scale of 4 or 70% Marks in A-Level, British education system or equivalent examination.
  3. S/he must secure CGPA 3.50 under the scale of s or CGPA 3.00 under the scale of 4 or 70% Marks in 0-Level, British education system or equivalent examination.
  4. Academic background of applicants should match with the undergraduate program that they intend to be enrolled.
  5.  Applicants from British education system must secure c grade at both 'o’ and 'A’ levels with no 'D’ grade in any subject.
  6. S/he must submit the proof of his/her English proficiency.


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