A dialogue between two friends about the problem of illiteracy.

A dialogue between two friends (Robin & John) about the problem of illiteracy.

Robin: Hi John! How are you?

John: Hey Robin! I am fine. What about you?

Robin: I'm fine too. What about your adult literacy centre?

John: Hello, all are good. Number of students is increasing day by day.

Robin: O, excellent! You are doing a great job. Please tell me friend why you are trying to educate our illiterate villagers free.

John: Sure! listen Robin, Illiteracy is similar to darkness. An ignorant person is not conscious about health, environment and even about his own rights. A country cannot be developed without educated people.

Robin: O, I see. Then, how can we eradicate illiteracy from the country?

John: You know, government has taken a wide step to remove illiteracy.

Robin:That’s right; but, can government alone solve this problem?

John: Certainly not. I think every educated person like you and I should come forward to educate the illiterate people of his own area.

Robin: I think guardians have also responsibilities.

John: Of course, each and every child should be sent to school.

Robin: Right John. I come to understand that I’m doing wrong not joining with you.

John: Then, let’s come with me. I think you will be very helpful to my work.

Robin: It’s a pleasure for me.


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