Some children shine in school, while others only get an average.. Why? Is it something to do with intelligence, or is it a genetic issue? To illustrate these points, here are the experts on your child's development from birth to school.

The first education that a child receives is between his 6-18 months, specifically with regard to coordinating his movements and learning language, and at this age also, he develops a desire to learn, which is a very important factor, but the environment that cares for the child must be fully aware of things . Here are some questions:

The walking skill of some children develops better than others, while the language grows in others, but the child collects all the skills at the age of 5-6 years. Is this why writing, reading, and arithmetic skills don't start earlier?

Not learning to read before the six years is only related to what he learned before, for this reason, the child does not enter school before a certain age... Even if the nursery school appeared years ago, the change did not happen. However, scientists insist that the child can learn a second language from the third year of age, but without making any progress at the level of educational systems.

The child exercises a certain focus on one of his senses.. How do the teachers of the first grades view this matter?
Scientists say that this has not been proven until these days.

What are the things to focus on to teach something to the child?

Attention must be paid to his desire, personality, worldview, fears and anxieties... In order to be able to focus on these factors, teachers must have some psychological and philosophical expertise, and this applies even to parents, otherwise mistakes will multiply.

How is a child's personality profile determined?

The first thing to do is to start letting him mess around on his own, so he can get used to and acclimatize after a while and enjoy his own style. For example, teachers can ask him about his summer vacation, from what perspective he sees it, and what is stuck in his senses from it? Does he say certain words? Hence, the teacher builds his start with the student.

Are there ways to educate the child according to his personality?

There are no specific means, but the distinguished child, for example, his teachers and teachers should not focus on his academic intelligence only, but should support him with physical activities, so that he does not suffer from delays in other places, or certain behavioural problems.

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