Paraphrasing Tools That Rephrase Text Using Machine Learning

Paraphrasing tools are article rewriters that make it easier for the user to generate limitless variations of a piece of content, in an automated way. 

The performance of paraphrasing tools in the past has always a been topic of controversy. This is because the older versions of paraphrasing tools were not good at rewriting content. 

These tools used a dull approach where they’d just change the words with their synonyms and call it paraphrasing.

The bottom line is these tools were not smart enough to produce quality paraphrasing performance. 

But the technological advancements via Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning have totally changed the way these paraphrasing tools work. 

The latest paraphrasing tools use a machine learning model where they learn from the input content and create output that feels natural to humans.

Paraphrasing Tools for Students and Content Creators

Paraphrasing tools that work on the principles of machine learning offer numerous benefits to students and web content creators. 

These tools use a learning model where they take the input, analyze it, and learn from it to create high-quality output content.

This approach to paraphrasing is much more effective and works quite well. 

Students can use the paraphrasing tools to create plagiarism-free assignments. Web content creators can use these tools to create unique and highly engaging content from existing ideas.

Throughout the rest of this article, we are going to share with you the best paraphrasing tools that help you rephrase text using machine learning. 

Best Paraphrasing Tools That Rephrase Test Using Machine Learning

01. Prepostseo 

Prepostseo Paraphrasing Tool is a top-rated article rewriter that offers awesome rewriting performance. This tool is recommended by students and web content creators from all over the world.

The best thing about this paraphrasing tool is, it works on AI and Machine Learning to produce top-quality content.

The content that you generate from this tool would be unique and engaging. 
Unlike most paraphrasing tools, this tool is quite smart and rephrases content based on the context. This is what makes this paraphrasing tool stand out from all the other options on the internet. 

  • Fast & accurate paraphrasing tool
  • Offers 4 paraphrasing modes (Simple, Advanced, Creative, Fluency)
  • The UI is quite simple
  • Safe and secure
  • Free to use 

The rephrasing tool is quite smart and effective. This tool features a simple navigation experience, combined with its unparalleled performance. The best thing about this paraphrasing tool is the support for multiple file formats and multiple languages that it has to offer. This access to this tool doesn’t require you to go through any kind of registration process. You just need to add your input text in the tool and once it is done with its magic, you will get the output in a short amount of time. We have tried many paraphrasing tools, but this tool stands out in terms of how fast it is. It has a rich library of words and phrases that it uses strategically to give you a well-articulated piece of content.

  • Super-fast rephrasing performance
  • A great choice for students
  • Supports paraphrasing for multiple languages
  • Easy to use a paraphrasing tool
  • Works on mobile devices as well

03. is a reliable paraphrasing tool that delivers exceptional performance. The paraphrasing performance of this tool is quite good. This tool saves you from the hassle of manual paraphrasing with its simple-to-use user interface. Using this tool, you can get top-notch paraphrasing performance in just 3 simple steps. This tool uses machine learning to learn the core idea behind a piece of content. After that, the tool rewrites the content using completely different words while maintaining the central idea. The intelligent performance of this tool allows you to create unique and engaging content from existing writings, in no time.

  • Free to use a paraphrasing tool
  • Efficient paraphrasing performance
  • Doesn’t require a sign-up or registration
  • Easy UI and interactive UX
  • Great for beginners

If you are looking for a simple online paraphrasing tool, then you should try This tool doesn’t have an interactive UI, but the paraphrasing performance is still quite good.

This tool is for quick paraphrasing jobs. We don’t recommend it for rewriting bulk content because it only allows copy and paste features. You can use the services of this tool to rewrite paragraphs and small essays.

The user interface seems a bit dull, but that doesn’t have anything to do with the performance of this tool. You should check out this tool if you don’t have enough time to try out a better option. 

  • Powerful online paraphrasing tool
  • 24/7 free access
  • Suited for students and content creators
  • Generate high-quality content for free
  • Easy to use Text Rephrasing Tool

05. Total Assignment Help
Total Assignment Help is a free online paraphrasing tool designed to help students create unique articles, essays, and assignments. 

Although this tool is mainly for students, its applications are equally useful for web content creators. 
This paraphrasing software works well on PCs as well as mobile web browsers. Along with paraphrasing, this tool offers various additional features for text formatting that you can try out. 
This tool is a complete text editor and rephrasing solution for students. And the best part is, Total Assignment Help is free and easy to use. 

  • Get accurate results instantly 
  • No limit for the file size
  • Unique and plagiarism-free content 
  • Easy to use article rewriting tool
  • A great option for rewriting academic documents
  • Free to use Paraphrasing Tool

Final Words 

When it comes to choosing an online paraphrasing tool, you should always go with the ones that are based on AI and ML.

Any tool that utilizes these technologies will be much better at giving you the results that you are looking for.

The paraphrasing tools that we have talked about here all use machine learning to produce high-quality content. Make sure to check out these tools to rephrase any kind of academic or web content for free. 


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