Life on the computer can get you used to finding common things like YouTube videos, hundreds of pages, many advertisements, unexpected downloads and even a virus if you are unlucky, one of these things that you will undoubtedly run into at least one Sometimes they are PDF files, it does not matter if you are a student, worker, artist or athlete, at some point you will have to deal with a PDF file, but what are these kinds of files really? And more importantly, how to edit a PDF without a headache? Here we tell you about it and we give you some tools so that you learn to live with them.

What is a PDF?

Let's start with the informative, the acronym PDF refers to its translation in English, Portable Document Format , in Spanish it would be Portable Document Format . These types of files serve a simple purpose, to work everywhere in the same way. What does this mean?


Editing a PDF requires some special paths (which we will tell you later in this post), but to view the file, you do not need any special program, or a specific operating system (Linux, Mac OS, Windows) or a special device (Pc , Mac, Tablet, Smartphone), its main attraction, in addition to this universal portability, is that the content within the document will not undergo any type of modification, this means that all the formats contained in the file are respected, regardless of whether they are from text, images, tables, links and even videos and audios.

How is a PDF file different from a Word file?

Word is the instrument par excellence of student and even business life, since it is a program with easy access and friendly usability, we will not stop to talk too much about it because it is a favorite of the house, if you are interested in knowing it more, take a walk: Digital study Center , there you will find many useful posts:

That said, let's not miss the important thing, how are they different?

We will summarize the most important because we know that you are a busy person and we do not want to bore you with too many technical dizziness. Come on that comparison table!

Sl. No
Microsoft Word is a program, its main application is to be a text editor. PDF is a document reading format.
You can read, create and edit texts. You can even save Word files in different formats, including PDF, did you know? You cannot edit or modify them without the help of another program or software. The creators of the format (Adobe Acrobat) have their own editor, but it is paid.
Depending on the versions of the file, the fonts and the formats used, you could get a compatibility problem that applies modifications to the file. Its reading will always be identical, its appeal is to remain independent of platforms, devices and operating systems without any modifications to the file.

If I want to edit a PDF, what should I use?

Within the wide range of options that exist in the virtual world to edit a pdf, there are always some that stand out, others that are part of the regular and a great handful that will simply eat your patience. Believe us, we have lived it… also, how do you know which one is the best among so many options?

You will discover that there are usually two options, on the one hand, the programs to edit PDF and, on the other, the pages to edit PDF online, both with their free and paid versions. We have made for you a selection of those that provide you with greater utility and ease of working.

Top 3 options to edit pdf (Premium)

01. Adobe Acrobat

Adobe Acrobat DC

We cannot ignore the creators of the PDF format themselves from this selection, their program is one of the most intuitive and is usually the most popular selection for reading and editing PDFs. Among its most outstanding features are the conversion of the PDF format to others such as docx or xls, editing texts and images and protecting files with passwords.

This software offers almost all the same functionalities as Adobe Acrobat, such as reading and editing taking care of the source format, in addition, it has a large number of exportable formats such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, JPG, PNG, GIF, Text, HTML , EPUB, among others. It has a free version, but it is limited and will leave a watermark on the file you are editing.

Wondershare PDFelement

Foxit does not differ from the rest of the options that we have presented so far, in terms of functionalities we could say that it contains the same set of tools to know and learn how to edit a pdf, among them would be the edition of pages, texts and conversion of the file to different formats.


A distinctive detail of Foxit is that it offers a free 14-day trial without adding watermarks to the files you edit. We could say that you can edit PDF for free, but only temporarily.

Top 3 pages to edit PDF for free online

When we come to this category, the ideal is for you to be patient and keep in mind that, what is free, has a reason for being; these pages may lead you to work differently from what you are used to, either because of its interface or because of its own functionalities.

We recommends using these pages in the following scenarios:

  • When you need to make small modifications, such as adding missing information or a comment, well, for the most part, they work by placing text on the PDF, that is, like writing on an image.
  • When you need to fill out a form.
  • When you need to add a digital signature.
  • When you need to transform a file from one format to another (within those supported by each page).

The selection that we have made after investigating the offer of the vast Internet has taught us that there are no great competitors, there is not one that stands out too much, since they all offer less functionalities than what you can find with the paid options, their attributes are limited, however, there are still a number of cool things to do with these pages.

It is the page with the friendliest appearance and the best user experience. You can edit text and modify or delete pages, in addition, you will find a list of formats to which you can transform your files.

On this page you can make small modifications and fill out forms, its appearance is somewhat heavy, but it does its job. Important detail, the page is in English.

This page is similar to the previous one and you will see that it offers almost the same functionalities, not much more than that.

PDF Buddy

This is how we end this little tour in the world of PDF editing. What did you think? Do you know any other page to edit PDF online for free? How about some software? If you know any, tell us! We could make a guide for the community. What do you think?

We are (Digital Study Center) very attentive to your messages, if you want us to talk about a special topic, send us a message , it may be the subject of our next article.

We would love to see you again next time. We'll be waiting for you!

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