List of Tips for Learning English Alone

Learning English alone has become much easier than ever before due to the widespread spread of modern information technology. We can easily learn English alone through various books, movies, apps, websites, etc. related to English from the internet.

learning English alone

In this post, we have included the necessary tips for learning English alone through our experience and web search. We believe that these tips will bring 100% success for a keen learn students to learn English alone.

  • For learning English alone, Take it easy! Don't want to learn everything at once.
  • Never give up. Keep learning and improving more and more.
  • Have a good time! Don't take English studies as an obligation.
  • Set goals.
  • Aim to speak English naturally.
  • Learn the main rules of spelling.
  • Develop your vocabulary in several ways .
  • Knowing the grammar rules by heart.
  • Understand the difference between normative grammar and usage grammar .
  • Listen to English without worrying about words, but with the general context of what is being said.
  • Engage with the English language as much as you can.
  • Try to know and practice English more, Don't be an accumulator of English materials.
  • Don't worry about this thing about how long it takes to be fluent in English.
  • Make sure you are the best English student  and not knowing the best book, the best English school, the best teacher and things like that. Never be the worst English student.
  • Get organized to learn English.
  • Make time to study English.
  • Learn English at home.
  • Learn the international phonetic alphabet for English.
  • Subscribe to English tip channels on Youtube .
  • Listen to songs in English .
  • Listen to radio programs in English .
  • Learn the lyrics of your favorite songs in English.
  • Decorate an English speech or poem.
  • Sing your favorite songs in English.
  • When listening to a lecture, take notes in English.
  • Watch movies in English.
  • Watch movies with English subtitles .
  • Watch cartoons in English.
  • Read books in English.
  • Read English texts aloud.
  • Read a short text every day.
  • Read a news site in English daily.
  • Read comics in English
  • Copy short English texts 
  • Write short stories in English.
  • Write texts talking about your city, your family, your school, your job.
  • Keep a diary in English.
  • Memorize phrases used in specific situations.
  • Learn to  assemble English phrases without stress.
  • Read English tips regularly.
  • Do Google searches in English.
  • Change the operating system of your electronics to English.
  • Have a good English dictionary .
  • Learn collocations.
  • Use an actor or actress as a model and imitate the way he/ she speaks.
  • Exchange messages via Whatsapp in English with those of your friends who also study English.
  • Teach the other person what you are learning.
  • Memorize and repeat short conversations in English frequently.
  • Start with what you really need ( want to learn English for what? ).
  • Have audio files in English on your phone to listen to while you go to work, school, college, church, bar, restaurant etc.
  • Take an international proficiency exam.
  • When you are waiting somewhere, describe the place and people in English.
  • Try to mentally repeat in English something that you are hearing.
  • Have fun with your favorite video games in English.
  • Repeat for yourself in English the things you plan to do throughout the day.
  • When lying in bed to sleep, review the main facts of the day thinking in English.
  • Watch the same episode of a series in English over and over again.
  • Recognize your level of knowledge of the language .
  • Pay attention to the way words are used in sets and not in isolation ( chunks of language )
  • Keep a list of things you want to learn and set time for each item.
  • Put labels with the name of things in English throughout your home.
  • Describe in English the photos you see in magazines, websites, Facebook etc.
  • Talk in English about a specific topic for a minute .
  • Do not translate anything word for word.
  • Don't worry about mistakes .
  • Don't be afraid to say something wrong (but try to learn the  right pronunciation ).
  • Don't be sorry for not knowing English properly ( you are a student and not a criminal ).
  • Speak to yourself in English ( have an imaginary friend and talk to him/ her ).
  • Record yourself speaking in English and compare audios from time to time.
  • When you are alone, try to think in English.
  • Keep in mind that knowing how to communicate is much better than. 
  • Don't worry about prepositions .
  • Don't worry about th sounds .
  • Relax! You don't need to speak English like an American .
  • Understand that English is an international language. Don't worry about that American English or British English thing.
  • Go to English activity sites and do them.
  • Follow the tips from the English website
  • Get inspired.

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Ready! These are just some of the tips for learning English alone that we know. There are still others! But with the ones listed above, you will have a lot to do. You can also share your tips with us! To do this, just leave it in the comments area below.


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