As much as students use the internet for entertainment, there are tools that can be great options when studying and teaching. An example of this are the Google tools , there are several useful options for both students, teachers and education professionals.


Mainly famous as a search site, Google offers several tools that help with school projects. Here are some tips on how to take advantage of these features:

Google tools to use in education

01. Google Scholar

You can use Google Scholar for more in-depth research and studies in various areas such as biology, literature, communication, psychology, etc. Use this source as a reference for jobs and other tasks.

02. Google Sky

A real meteorology and astronomy class to be done using the Google Sky tool, from Google Earth.

03. Google Earth

The possibilities in this application are endless. With Google Earth you can study the oceans and other places in 3D, for example.

04. Google Hangouts

A great alternative for group work is Google Hangouts. It is a simple tool that does not require technical knowledge to use it. It allows chats, video conferences and the recording of these transmissions.

05. iGoogle Portal

iGoogle Portal allows you and your students to keep all the most important information within reach of a click. Email inbox, temperature, news, calendar, among other tools are available on a single personal page.

06. Google Drive

Google Drive is a file storage tool. With online and offline access, students can use it as a means of delivering and presenting assignments, receiving assessments from teachers and also to communicate.

07. Google Calendar

Google Calendar is a calendar service that allows you to book your appointments and send notifications on scheduled dates. For students, it is a good way to organize projects and not forget the deadlines.

08. Google News

Google News makes it possible for you to find different sources of news from different places on the planet on a single page.

09. Personalized Search

With the personalized search tool you can create a search engine specially made for your needs.

10. Study

group In a Google study group you can collaborate and interact with your classmates.

11. Google Code

With Google Code you can learn more about computer science through content under Creative Commons license.

12. YouTube

The importance of YouTube as a study tool is undeniable. In addition to several educational videos (video lessons, documentaries), students can also produce content and share on the website, thus enabling a new way of doing schoolwork.

13. Gmail

With a good storage space, Gmail is ideal for students, since they can send as many emails as necessary and thus carry out school projects more easily.

14. Official Google page for educators

Google has a page specifically for teachers, educators and the like. On this page you can find links, tips and a number of other useful resources for teachers to be able to insert technology in their classes.

15. Google Accessibility

On the Google Accessibility page, you can find tips, links and support materials that teach educators - and their students - how to use Google tools in the most efficient way.

16. Google Apps

Google also offers a kind of 'Training Center' for the use of its applications. On the page you can learn how to use the site's tools aimed at education in a useful and simple way, in the educational context.

17. Google AZ

Google AZ is a Google Doc that grows as people add tools to it. It covers virtually all the features offered by Google.

Do you know any other Google tools for education? Comment!


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