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Today to help you better maintain morale and fulfill Your wishes, I share with you the 10 secrets or rules adopted by Chinese businessman Jack Ma to make his dreams come true.

Before giving you his rules, I will first highlight his biography. Who is he and what he achieved as a masterpiece.

Jack Ma

Ma Yun said Jack Ma is a Chinese businessman born on 09/10/1964 in Hangzhou. He is known to have been the world's first online merchant. After some setbacks in his life, he was forced to start his own business as:

  • In 1995: he created china pages ( First Chinese website)
  • In 1999: he created Alibaba.com
  • In 2003: he created Taobao ( e-commerce platform)
  • In 2010: he created Aliexpress ( Planetary free express sales platform)
  • In 2013: he bought part of the American shoprunner site in order to improve its distribution subsidiary in the USA
  • In 2016: he bought the Château de Sours, a Bordeaux vineyard.

So we immediately move on to the 10 Rules of Success for This Great Businessman.

01. Get used to rejection:

This is a rule common to all who are successful in entrepreneurship. Rejection can sometimes be inevitable for someone who is not optimistic. But for someone who is optimistic and open-minded, it can awaken ideas in them that they never once thought of. You have to know that when you are rejected somewhere, you have to know that you are not in your place, that a greater destiny awaits you. This is what allowed Jack Ma to achieve all these feats because he has been rejected several times:

  • Refused at the police academy,
  • Failed 10 times at the entrance to harvard
  • Refused to serve chicken when KFC arrives in China.

Despite these rejections, he did not give up and keep trying again and again ...

02. Keep your dreams alive

If Jack didn't have dreams he wouldn't have achieved such success. Living your dreams is a way of having a goal, of focusing on the essential. It is a rule or the state of mind that we find at the giant Amazon.com ( Jeff bezos) And many others ...

In the Alibaba company , Jack invites all his employees to always believe in their dream. For him, Alibaba's secret code is: “ Keep your dream alive” which in French means Keep your dreams alive.

03. Focus on the culture

According to Jack, the real success of his businesses is not the technology which is just a tool, but rather the corporate culture that he has always tried to infuse into his employees as they go. measuring the company's development.

Company culture gives meaning to the tasks to be accomplished in a company. By making employees adhere to the missions and principles of the house.

Corporate culture is like a startup's dress code, a way of doing things that sets you apart from others. This is very important for any business wishing to prosper.

04. Ignore the criticism and focus on the positive

When you start Achievements, there will be plenty of criticism to try to bring you down or slow you down. Obviously, we have positive reviews that can lead us to improve our services, but here we are talking about negative reviews that will delay you so it is important to ignore these criticisms and focus only on the essential that is- ie what we want to achieve.

If you want to listen to people to make your plans come true, you will never get there because people will not see where you want to go because it is not their dream or vision.

Getting straight to the point helps achieve success. As Nelson Mandela said I quote: " I am never lost, either I win or I learn"

05. Be inspired all the time

Inspiration is what triggers innovation, motivation. Jack Ma dot to have been inspired by films like "The godfather, forest gump" Which made him realize the potential he had.

You can find inspiration everywhere, just be open-minded so you don't miss a chance.

06. Never lose sight of Your goals

Focusing on goals gives meaning to our daily activities and actions because it gives us the common thread that allows us to get up every morning and give the best of ourselves in all circumstances. Staying focused on your goals also indicates that you should refuse certain opportunities that could distract you from the essential. Always stay FOCUS as Will Smith often says

Learning to Say No Is Important This same Warren Buffet recommends It in order to say yes only on exceptional and beneficial opportunities for oneself.

Read more about: STEVE JOBS' 20 TIPS FOR SUCCESS ...

07. Choose a good name

So a good salesperson is very important to the success of your business. For Jack Ma, it's the first thing to do, a great name according to him is one that is easily remembered, that is simple, short and memorable.

08. Make customers your top priority

The customer, always the customer… If you want to prosper in your businesses, the customer must be at the forefront Because he is at the center of everything. If you are producing and the customer is not satisfied you will go straight to the wall. The services must be in harmony with the wishes of the client Because without him we do not make a profit and our business does not prosper.

That's what Jack Ma, Jeff bezos, Steve Jobs, etc. To achieve such success.

09. Don't complain, look for opportunities

Jack Ma once said that people who complain too much miss opportunities because the opportunities are everywhere especially in the difficulties encountered. Where there is a difficulty, there is an opportunity. It is therefore unnecessary to complain and jump at the chance.

10. Be passionate, work hard.

Passion is what guides geniuses. You cannot thrive in a field where you are not passionate about. With passion, hard work becomes entertainment and there you give your best in all circumstances even when everything seems difficult.

Jack Ma discovered the Internet by chance during a trip to the USA and was immediately fascinated by the possibilities offered on the Internet. Which was the trigger for his internet businesses.

As a wise man said: "If you do what you love, you will never work in your life" So if the circumstances of life do not allow you to do what you love, then love what you do because the the love that you will have for this activity will bring you peace, joy, prosperity.

Here are the 10 secrets of Jack Ma's success. You are free to test them.

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