With year-end exams approaching, students' concern about how to improve grades increases. After all, this may be the last chance to get a high score and get rid of recovery or even repetition. Check out how to improve classroom learning to increase your grades:

Important tips to learn more and raise grades at school

01. Pay attention to classes

focus on the subject and what the teacher teaches. Not being distracted by colleagues' conversations and trying to sit as close to the teacher as possible can be good alternatives to stay attentive to the subject of the lesson.

02. Write down everything that is relevant

take note of what is important and use keywords in order to remember the content. Furthermore, the fact of writing down also favors concentration and prevents sleep during classes.

03. Study before the exams are scheduled

to learn and not just memorize the material temporarily, it is necessary to always study and have the habit of rereading everything that was written down in class.

04. Ask the teacher to explain again

if the subject is not clear, it is important to ask the teacher to explain the content again. If you still have doubts, it is advisable to ask for help from colleagues who have better understood the subject discussed in class.

05. Have a fixed time during your day for the study

organize your schedule and set aside time daily to study.

06. Study in a suitable location

give preference to study in a clean, organized, quiet and well-lit place. Avoid studying in bed, as places that refer to rest are not suitable for study because they can lead to sleep and distraction.

07. Wear comfortable clothes

clothes that are tight or cause any discomfort can hinder concentration and, consequently, impair your studies.

08. Do your homework

in addition to ensuring learning, school tasks are often scored, increasing the final grade. Another way to improve grades is to deliver school work on time and well done.

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09. Write everything down in the agenda

to remember exam dates, deadlines for assignments and assignments, it is essential to write down all school commitments. Thus, it is also possible to better plan the time to do each activity, avoiding the accumulation of work and studies for the last hour.

10. Sleep well

studies show that it is during sleep that memory is consolidated, favoring learning. In this way, ensuring a good night's sleep, in addition to being pleasant, improves the acquisition of knowledge.


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