The way of passing on knowledge, discussing a subject and clarifying doubts has gained support that can add a lot to the results of teaching, technology.

The difference is knowing how to use and explore its various tools. The great advantage is that the young person is continuously using and connected to all electronic paraphernalia and for him it is an increasingly comfortable environment and that is the big difference, the possibility of combining quality of information and personal interest.

The first step is to have access to it and seek a direct contribution to teaching. But for that, teachers must be able to use the platforms and know how to expand the content through learning strategies.

technology in Education

Recognize the potential that exists and bring it to the classroom. In many schools there is still a financial barrier, which does not allow investment, but some changes can be scored. The practices of Information and Communication Technologies already create volume and professionals try to alert its importance.

Ways to unite technology and education

When thinking about the subject, the first thought is the use of the computer and the internet. This can represent the topic well, in addition to other important tools in this development. Even the most used search site, Google, has developed a space for use in schools, still without a Portuguese version, called Google Play for Education. A space to help teachers find educational content to be used on tablets, especially for basic education.

In language learning, practice without technology is unthinkable, whether in audio or interactive exercises. An English course is much more interesting through the use of applications, designed to help and facilitate performance and advancement in foreign languages, check out a list of these applications developed for English on the website 

In early childhood education, sounds and images correspond to an additional and cause more attention in children than in conventional forms. And at this point it is a great differential because it keeps the attention of the little ones, always a difficult task.

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The speech of the teacher in front of a class will always be necessary, however the dynamics according to the school's pedagogy add value and enhance the interaction and participation of students and teacher.

Subjects such as biology and geography come to life with videos, simulations and 3D demonstrations. In biology these materials allow the understanding of anatomy and physiology easily with animations.

Likewise, mathematics and geometry take shape through demonstrations of theorems and laws in 3D, facilitating students' reasoning.


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