Facebook is the world's number one social media platform, so it is easy to see that people want to learn how to make money from Facebook.

At the beginning of 2018, Facebook already had more than 2 billion active monthly users, adding 500,000 new users every day .

After video streaming site YouTube and search engine giant Google, it ranks third among the most visited sites.

Facebook bridges the gap between countries of life.

It gives small companies the opportunity to build a larger audience without having to pay large sums of money to compete with large companies.

Ask any marketer or business owner, and they will say that the potential to chase potential customers, win new customers, and ultimately make money from Facebook has always been the future of this social media platform. In fact, 30% of marketers believe that Facebook provides the highest return on investment in digital advertising .

But if you are just an ordinary Facebook user looking for ways to make money online, can Facebook be your money platform?

make money with Facebook

The simple answer is yes!

This is how to do it:

How to make money from your Facebook account

01. Sell anything on Facebook Marketplace

Facebook created a market for people to sell pre-purchased or brand new products.

Since other Facebook users can filter items based on location, category, or keyword, you can take advantage of many Facebook users and sell to interested parties.

With a few exceptions , Facebook allows its users to sell anything in the sun.

You really put in more effort than putting things from the past on Craigslist. Since the market can easily become crowded, you have to add attractive titles and descriptions with high-quality images.
The amount of money you earn from selling on Facebook Marketplace depends on the number of items you list, how active you are with marketing, and whether you use Marketplace on another platform.

02. Generate leads

Facebook spent millions of dollars hiring experts to build a reliable algorithm and search engine. Add to that the social media giants allow people of all ages to spend countless hours on Facebook. Companies can definitely use the platform to generate potential customers.

When I say business, this might mean:
  • A plumber was looking for ordinary customers locally,
  • An online shop owner with poor sales,
  • Wedding photographers seeking new clients,
  • Marketing agencies try to find other companies that need their services,
  • Or any other type of business, big or small.
Because Facebook can be so personalized (because we enter our locations, where we eat, what hobbies we have, what we watch, etc.), companies can easily target potential potential customers.

Customers can also easily find specific businesses.

You can bring new customers to your business without spending a penny on advertising. You can choose to create a Facebook page, establish a connection on a Facebook group, or just use keywords correctly when posting status in your profile.
This method does not immediately make money for you, but it is passive income (I think it is much better).

03. Affiliate Marketing

In short, affiliate marketing involves promoting other people's products in order to get commissions from each sale. You can do this on your Facebook wall, in groups you create, or even on pages you manage.

Unless you hire someone to do the work for you, there will be no investment in cash. But if you are promoting products and services all the time in the world, then affiliate marketing can serve you.

If you are a novice, here is how you can make money from Facebook through affiliate marketing:
  • Register for the affiliate program.
  • Find products from these sites. Make sure you choose a specific niche, and your Facebook page or group will focus on this.
  • Whenever someone clicks on the link you shared and buys from a third-party website, please wait for your commission (about 5% to 25%).

04. Turn off Messenger offers

Whether you are selling on Facebook Marketplace or looking for new customers on groups and pages, you must talk to people to complete the transaction.

Facebook once built its messaging application Messenger into social media platforms.

Now, these two are separate apps, which means that people with only Messenger (but no Facebook account) can still participate.

As a business person, this means you have more opportunities to talk to people and complete transactions online. Messenger provides some privacy, so you can sell to everyone, and you can negotiate deals with as many people or businesses as possible.

05. Earn income from sponsors and advertising

A popular Facebook page or group can attract sponsors. If the niche is correct and you think the campaign fits perfectly with the focus of your page/group, then you can not only help your followers by recommending products/services, but you can also earn a salary.

According to the agreed terms, sponsorship can be a one-time advertisement, a week-long campaign, pay per post, etc. Therefore, the income you receive from sponsorship will also vary.

06. Charge a subscription fee

If you charge membership fees or subscription fees, you can make money from Facebook. There is no clear regarding membership fee of Facebook policy , but in 2018 Nian 6 Yue , Facebook announced on its blog, group administrators can begin to charge $ 4.99 to 29.99 US dollars monthly fee in order to obtain exclusive members of certain groups Qualifications (It is reported that FB will not decrease).

Of course, your Facebook group must have thousands of fans, and the content in that group is as valuable as the subscription fee you plan to charge.

07. Become a Facebook master

Facebook has many functions that even daily users have not explored.

You can provide businesses with services as all Facebook owners and instruct them on how to:
  • Find new customers
  • Communicate with existing customers
  • Create promotions and advertising campaigns
  • Conduct polls and surveys
  • Conduct marketing activities
…there are more.

It is not illegal to monetize Facebook knowledge, so you are free to take advantage of many Facebook features, analysis tools, and readily available audiences on the platform.

08. Get job management Facebook

For those who like stability, you can make money from Facebook by applying for a social media management job.

Depending on your job, you can manage Facebook pages, groups or even just the official profile of a person. This work usually requires replying to messages, updating the status of each account, and handling marketing activities where applicable.

09. Collect donations

Although collecting donations is not really considered a stable income, it is still a legitimate way to make money from Facebook.

You don’t even need visibility to use Facebook as a channel for publicity. You only need to make useful, inspiring, relevant, interesting or interesting content to attract as many people as possible to your Facebook.

The goal is to encourage your Facebook fans to make voluntary donations because the information, art, jokes, photos, videos, and other content you share are worthwhile.

10. Create a list

If your income depends heavily on your online activities, you know the importance of building email lists.

With a large number of readily available emails, you can provide products and services, collect feedback, and communicate directly with your target audience.

Businesses can benefit from the list because it will include existing customers and potential customers.

Online marketers create numerous lists, sell campaigns to third-party customers, and use these lists to target customer-specific audiences.

11. Sell your page or group

Although Facebook technically owns every account, page, and group on the platform, you can still get a huge salary if you sell pages, groups, or personal accounts that you manage.

Who would buy such a thing?

In fact many people and companies.

This is especially true for established Facebook accounts, with rich pages and content groups with thousands of active followers.

For example, a fashion brand like Victoria's Secret can buy a FB group about summer fashion and use the group to instantly feed back on the project before launch. Since the company no longer needs to hire the services of a third-party investigation agency, this can save thousands of dollars immediately.

Be careful when trying to sell Facebook accounts. As we all know , crooks use the PayPal refund switcher to hijack these attributes .

If possible, you can even rent a Facebook page by selling "state space" to interested parties. You can ask for $100 a pop music to promote a brand on your FB group or page.

12. Do Facebook Live (Facebook Live)

Some media once reported that a 19-year-old high school student sold jade live on Facebook and received a monthly bonus of up to $3500 US Dollars. Many students are very envious.

If you want to sell goods on the Internet, FB live broadcast will be a good business channel. Its auction method is a bit like traditional night market hawking, but because there is no geographical restriction on online live broadcast, it is in consumer groups or camps. Collecting the above tends to come more.

There are also many people who compare Facebook live auctions with TV shopping channels. The advantage of FB live broadcast is that the host and viewers can interact in real time online. While getting closer, it is easier to achieve higher performance .

You can also learn: How to make money on YouTube

In addition to this type of Facebook live auction, you can also manage the live broadcast from the perspective of producing programs. Some products such as out-of-the-box introductions, video game guides, and online teaching courses are also very suitable for using Facebook to broadcast live. In addition to the possible industry distribution income, this type of live broadcast is also a source of money through fan fighting. 

How to make money on Facebook live broadcast:
  • Merchandise auction
  • Distribution income
  • Fans sponsor Dounei
  • Affiliate marketing

Who can make money through Facebook?

Anyone can make money through Facebook! As with anything in life, if your campaign won’t work for the first time, you need to persevere and don’t give up.

For most of these suggestions, the quality of your Facebook profile will be the best way to make your first impression. There are many spammers on Facebook who promise this world and have never followed. You don't want to be one of these people because your chances of making money are slim.

Make sure your Facebook profile makes it look like you are a real person. Put a photo of yourself or your business logo in your profile photo or cover photo section.

Also, make sure you list the city where you live, so that people don’t accidentally get into the wrong group. Finally, if you have a local or online business, please provide contact information and website links.

Depending on how you plan to use Facebook to make money, you should also consider creating a separate account. In this way, you can separate your personal and business activities. If you want to put everything under one account, you can also, if you want to make you an individual seller of Craigslist alternatives.

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