Working on the Internet has ceased to seem to a modern person something unusual or unattainable. More and more people want to go to remote work in order to work only for themselves. After all, activities in this format have a number of advantages: a person sets the schedule for earnings and rest, wages depend on the person and his zeal, you do not need to spend a lot of money on travel, and working conditions are chosen independently. The main advantage is independence from the employer. Therefore, work on the Internet is gradually being introduced into various areas, including Skype. This is one of the few programs that allow you to earn over 100 dollars per day without investment .


Skype is not only an app for communicating with friends and family at a distance. Good money turns on it. To make money on Skype, you need a weak PC, a smooth internet connection and a good quality camera. With the help of the latter device, it will be possible to normally conduct video broadcast. Let's take a closer look at how to make money with Skype, what features this earnings have, and who is it suitable for.

Making money on Skype - what are the features of such earnings

The main feature of making money on Skype is convenience and the ability to work right from home. This opportunity can be realized without unnecessary effort and investment. Before starting work, it is important to soberly assess what skills a person possesses (knowledge, skills that would be useful to people), in what issues a person is most competent, and what he could narrate in detail and engagingly. Earnings in Tik-Tok seem to be the same to many . After all, you can often meet specialists from different fields there.

After choosing an activity, it will be necessary to organize a workplace, solve technical issues necessary for future consumers. This is followed by the publication of the offer of selected services. Thus, the search for the client base takes place. Ultimately, a person finds them, consults and gets paid for it. It is necessary to understand in more detail in which areas will bring the greatest earnings.

Getting started, you need to get a tablet, smartphone or laptop with a good camera. A headset and microphone are also a must. If you are new to this kind of activity, there is no need to rush to purchase expensive equipment. If you intend to conduct culinary master classes, consultations in the field of fitness, then it is appropriate to purchase professional equipment. This will improve the client's opinion of you.

After preliminary preparation, you need to download the Skype program to the selected device. If you have not used it before, then the intuitive interface will not be difficult to understand all the subtleties.

Ways to make money using Skype

Working through Skype involves paid online consultations. Let's consider the most popular areas in which customers are interested.

01. Tutoring

The most commonplace, but no less popular way to earn money. It is ideal for teachers and senior students. If you are sure that you can pull up a schoolchild, student in any subject, then this job is for you. This is more convenient than face-to-face training. In this situation, time is saved, and online meetings are held with no less comfort. That is, that the student, that the tutor does not need to go somewhere. Remote work in this format brings comfort and pleasure. However, many people find it more convenient to work in person, and this cannot be fixed. Also, with remote tutoring, it is not always possible to control what the student is doing. You can teach anything, but foreign languages ​​are in greatest demand. After all, the school curriculum often does not imply an individual approach, and the student is forced to take private lessons. As for the cost for lessons, it differs depending on the qualifications of the tutor and his area of ​​residence.

02. Psychological counseling

Despite the fact that statistically few Russians resort to the help of specialists, this practice is widespread. Anonymous contact with a psychologist is an opportunity to tell about personal experiences and problems without declassifying the identity. I must say that this is a profitable area that is gaining more and more popularity over time. Gradually, people come to the realization that the help of a psychologist is not a waste of money, but a useful practice, and sometimes a necessity. At the same time, having a psychologist's diploma is not a prerequisite. It is much more important to have knowledge and qualifications. Each specialist sets the cost for an appointment, but on average, one meeting with him is estimated minimum 10 dollars.

03. Other types of consultations

Of course, you can advise clients on any issues, and not only on the above. The main thing is that the format of the meetings does not imply personal presence, and the material is presented clearly, in detail and understandable. If a person understands a topic in detail, there is no doubt that there is a demand for it. This means that he will be able to earn on Skype. You can also record personal materials and then send them to clients for money. But this is already another, new level. This can be called a full-fledged information business.

04. Business consulting

Now this service is in particularly high demand, thanks to various business schools. With many daring to call themselves entrepreneurs without training, small businesses are failing. Therefore, we need the help of specialists who will spread everything on a silver platter. Not for free, of course. However, the consultant himself must have a wealth of experience in this business in order to train others. So, participation in only 1-2 projects is not an incentive and reason to launch online consultations. Also, people who know only theory, not being able to apply it in practice, should not go to this work. It must be said that they often turn to professionals for help, sparing no expense. The cost for this kind of service bites. So, some take 10, 50 and even 100 dollars for one consultation.

05. Earnings in Skype on the machine

Also an interesting topic: work in Skype automatically. But it is worth noting that the type of activity will not bring millions or even tens of thousands. However, it is possible to get 1-5 dollars a day. The bottom line is as follows. A person needs to register on one of the sites that provide automatic earnings in Skype. Then you need to confirm access to your account. Spam is sent to other users on behalf of this page. For each SMS read, a person will receive up to $ 0.01. But you should be prepared that after some time the spam account will be blocked. Sites like these do not always pay users because those who receive money from spam do not always act in an honest way. It will only be possible to make money if the person has a large number of contacts on their Skype account. This way of making money is very simple. To do this, you need to open the program, and it will cope with the work itself. I must say that many want to make money in this way. However, there are few orders, since spam is not a very effective tool for promoting goods or services. In the best case, you can get 100 dollars a month on the machine.

How much money can you make working on Skype

This question can be accurately answered by choosing a specific niche, assessing the competition and the desire to work. It is only clear that at the initial stage you should not expect a lot of money. After all, it will take more time to find clients, develop individual consulting techniques and other pitfalls. Increasing the number of customers will increase demand and productivity. But this is not scary, because, first of all, a person works for the future. Secondly, he does not lose anything, because the payment for the Internet and organizational issues do not cost much.

Giving work at least 10 hours of work per week, working, for example, as a tutor for 10-15 dollars an hour, you can get over 500 dollars a month. This is not a bad thing considering the low workload and activities at convenient times.


Today any educated person can make money on Skype. Thanks to this application, different types of services can be developed, promoted and scaled. The main thing is not to count on instant returns. Still, this is an activity that sometimes requires financial, time and energy investments. If you are good at something and want to convey it to people, then the job is perfect for you.


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