Do you want to get a new national identity card?

Corona (COVID-19) is the time when the whole world is at a standstill and the work of various departments is stuck so everything is going online now. Following this, the Election Commission of Bangladesh has made arrangements to provide all the services of NID cards online from now on. Those who have received National Identity Card can apply for correction / duplicate copy, those who do not have National Identity Card can apply for new registration. Those who have already registered but have not received a copy of the National Identity Card will be able to collect a copy of the National Identity Card from the download option by registering an account. So now you can do all the work related to NID card sitting at home if you want.

New Voter Registration in BD

Note that updating the national identity card is an ongoing process.

Welcome to the registration process as a new voter in Bangladesh.

A) Introduction:

  • The online process allows you to fill out the voter registration form correctly)
  • There is no need to re-apply if you are already a voter. It is a criminal offense for a registered person to re-apply
  • Expatriate or excluded voters over the age of 18 will be able to register through this process
  • Click here for details.

B. Steps:
  • Fill in all the information correctly step by step 
  • Fill in all the information in Bengali except your full name in Unicode
  • Re-verify all the information through the preview after all the steps are completed
  • Create a PDF file, print it and submit it along with the required documents to the nearest election office
  • After verifying the information you provided and verifying the address, your card will be created once the information is confirmed
  • Collect the card by submitting the card receipt
C. Necessary information:
  • Currently the form looks like this (PDF). Keep all information with you before filling out the form
  • Submit a copy of the required documents along with the form
[Completion of the registration form in three steps (personal information, other information, current address and permanent address). There is a facility to fill up the partial form and save it and fill the rest later. This requires at least one step.]

Online application process:

To apply online as a new voter in Bangladesh, you first need to access (click) this link

Then you will see some instructions to read them well. Then click on this article I want to agree and fill out the registration form.

Then you will see the page that will come at the bottom of the application, click on it. Then fill in your own full name (in English), correct date of birth, given capture codes and click on the Apply button. Then you will see your dashboard. From there click on the profile button. After going to the profile, you will find the edit button at the top right, click on it. Then fill in your personal information and click the Next button.

Then fill in all the other information and click on the next button again. In the next step, fill in your current and permanent addresses and click the Next button again. Click the Next button again. Then click the submit button if all is well. Diameter is the end of your work. Now download and print the PDF file of your application by clicking on the download button. Now you go to the election office in your area with all the necessary documents and submit your application.

If you have any problem in understanding the application process or performance, you can let us know in the comments.

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