Writer: Ms. Osha Poonaden, University of Arkansas.

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When I tried to find out the reason for choosing a science career, I really got a chance to see myself as a student. Gradually, it became clear that these were a seemingly irrelevant event rather than a special occasion, which helped me choose my scientific career, which is a source of joy to me today.

Unlike writing a scientific book or paper where an experimental sketch and the resulting results are estimated, it will depend on my memory and a few important events as to what factors were at work in choosing science as a career. It cannot be said whether it was my natural inclination towards biological sciences or the result of the efforts of my teachers and mentors because I have always excelled in the subject of biology.


Completing the National Scientific Talent Scholarship after high school was a turning point in my career. Through this merit scholarship, the Government of India nurtures future scientists. The most important memory of this scholarship was my project report which I applied for. The topic of my interest and research today is the interconnection of nerves in the immune system. And when I look back, I feel. It is thanks to this scholarship that I am serving in the field of science today.

(Strong Council for Educational Research and Training) NCERT

The Science Scholarship offered by the University is for students who have basic scientific aptitude and innate ability to prepare a consignment of future scientists. I strongly feel that this opportunity proved to be an important turning point in my dreams and aspirations ۔ Such programs by the government can lead to science and discovery of the universe in the next generation. Thanks to the scholarship program, I got the opportunity to choose the best college and get a degree under the auspices of competent scientists. One of the colleagues had to choose the article that was available to them.

Now the question is why did I become a scientist? While solving difficult problems in the universe is an important stimulus in itself, the opportunity to understand the working process of medical and biological patterns is one of the many blessings that a scientist receives. Change has also been an important stimulus for me as it actually helps restore a person's health. The discovery of thinking and understanding was an important thing that brought me to a place today where every moment is an opportunity to challenge, invent and solve scientific problems. As a scientist, a person can be as curious as a child and ask childish questions. But the head can tune.

During graduation, I focused on the mechanisms of progressive reproductive immunology and the translation work that takes place in this field, with the aim of developing a contraceptive vaccine that could play an important role in controlling the country's population. I realized that where my goals are lofty, achieving them is nothing less than a gamble. Today, as I look at graduate college and education at the time, some important memories emerge. It was then that I understood the reality of scientific discovery and learned the lessons from any successful or unsuccessful experiment.

The experience of scientific education taught in the school and the desire to change its present form has always been in my mind as I have taught at the medical school and graduation level in the university. As a teacher, I am very happy. Happiness is when I raise questions while teaching as I go on stating some facts. I feel that my students learn only when they actively participate in the teaching process themselves, prepare scientific experiments or different Test the scientific samples with questions. The purpose is that if my memory is correct, the teaching in the school would be such that the students would be provided with some information directly in the hope that they would memorize this information orally in the expected examinations. Rarely has it been emphasized that the real concept of knowledge is understood and that questions lead to the bottom of scientific theory.In this way, questions were raised on asking questions, but the number of active question and answer sessions was less and they were limited to review only.

My personal feeling is that laboratory experiments in high school (whether in chemistry or physics and biology) actually lead to technical and problem-solving abilities. By using the methods of learning through such experiments and By spending more time on them, we can understand the intricacies of science and attract more and more young people to science education. Rather, a collection of other book resources is readily available. A system should be put in place to allow students to read material before class and to have intellectual discussions in the classroom. Students should be given adequate time so that they can Be fully integrated and have the opportunity to think in the classroom and reflect on the eight aspects of knowledge.

I believe that if such classrooms come into being, there will be a real educational revolution, students will become lifelong learners and problem solvers. It will also mean spending money on teachers in our country. Should be done. Teachers who are very talented. Those who teach the new generation in such a way that understanding, thinking and intellect are instilled in the students and with the help of which we can dream of a better future.


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