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No matter how old we are and no matter how each of us has his own interests, there remains a strong bond within us that no one can separate, and that cannot be overlooked, as it is one of the most beautiful relationships. And the counselor of her mother and the secrets of the house are in her lap, so we will mention some phrases for her here .

Sister kissing Brother

Nice talk about Sister

  • My best friend is my dear sister, I can tell her what is inside me without being ashamed, and she is the only one who does not leave me or leave her. Friends may abandon us and loved ones leave us, and we are hurt by their separation and we cannot tell them what we are facing, but my dearest is who you are my loyal friend By my side and don't abandon me.
  • My sister, you are the light that illuminates my life, and the source from which I water with love and tenderness.
  • My sister's emotional pulse; The impulse is flowing to her, the soul is driven to her, in her remoteness my wounds abound, and in her proximity my sorrow away.
  • My sister is my soulmate.
  • My sister has a wonderful smile and an innocent face.
  • The sister seeks excuses for her sister, does not resort to apology, does not lend her the guilt she did or the crime she committed.
  • My sister, if you ask for my life to give it to you, my money and I are all yours I have a sister.
  • She is my sister and my friend, half of my smile is half of my life, and she is the one that I do not want to lose, O Lord, keep it for me.
  • The sister is the heart of her sister and the keeper of her secrets. She is a remedy for the worries of days and hope if hope is absent. The sister is a story that the letters cannot describe.
  • My sister is the most beautiful rose in my garden, so it does not wither and remains a rose every year, for it is my joy and pleasure that keeps tears away from my eyeballs.
  • My sister I do not want her to be sad, I just want to see her laugh, Lord, as much as her heart is purified, make her your happiest creation, O Lord.
  • My sister, please, be near me, be my shadow when I search for you, and my mirror when I search for a heart to house me.
  • The destiny of brotherhood in you is not overlooked, even if you are far away, so your place is between the tenderness and the deed, so you are my sister.
  • Sister is the fruit of life, love filled with beautiful riots, and she has secrets in a safe wardrobe. The sister has affection that stems from her expediency, and intimate hearts do not get tired.
  • My sister, your presence makes me feel safe.
  • May God grant her success and the joy of her heart.
  • Sisters are a blessing, the greatness of which is known only to those who have enjoyed it. My Lord is their happiness, and their presence does not deprive me of me.

Beautiful short messages for Sister

  • The first message: My sister, I do not like to see you distressed sad and wounded, but I like to share your worries and carry your grief and heal your wounds, do you know why? Because I do not like sadness at the glance of your eyes, I love you and I do not like sadness in your heart, nor do the tears flow from your eyes and wet your cheeks.
  • The second message: My sister was confused about what to write about you, oh all tenderness, because you are everything to me in my little world.

Expressive thoughts on the Sister

  • First thought: I love you with the size of your purity and clarity, the size of those problems that you take away from me, I love you for the size of that smile that you put on my cheeks when I am sad, and the size of those words that you comfort me with when I am in pain, my letters long to write words that express you, and these letters are ashamed of your description, my sister is indescribable I summon letters to describe your tenderness, and I stand helpless in front of you, and my words stand incapable of describing you, squeeze my thoughts and spread my feelings and scatter feelings, to write words to express what is on my mind, only to tell you that I love you and you will remain close to my heart as long as I live.
  • Second risk: I wish my heart out of his place for a moment, to show you how to beat her love in it is made, I wish my tongue Atkhm prose and poetry for Othzj Bohaseg love and multiply melody on the strings of serenity, Late Spring gives me a flower and a rose to group them in a bouquet of sincerity Ohdia to the coolest sister and dearest human being, is the sister and mother when she lost her mother, it is tenderness when he dies in people tenderness, Okso them Vtaathmlna and disappoint thought she browse the me, saddled with demands and wishful thinking do not see her only exerting good to me, if love ya Nour, Nour syncope my love you corners of the universe, even if the words to express all my feelings to have completed my life I model The most wonderful words, but I say, according to you from all that, you are like the sun. If you lose a day, you lose the spirit of life in the world.
  • Third Thoughts: I miss you so much, when I search for a language without words, about a desert without sand, about frivolity and madness, about something that no one before me knew, with your love I will cross all boundaries, constants and norms, I will build a palace of shells, and I will line on his face the sun as a confession, and tell you I love you O my sister , my heart beat.

Brother & Sister

Phrases dedicated to my sister

  • My sisters are bipedal parts of my mom. My sister, you are my soulmate , and my innocent angel, you are the best, richest and most valuable treasure that I possess.
  • My sister is my companion, my sister Dunya, the most precious Nasi.
  • Sister, that pure heart is like fresh water flowing in a river in the midst of blossoms, that white heart is as white and pure as snow.
  • My sister love you so much; You are a complete soul of my soul, you are my reference when any feeling arises, you are my book of secrets, I love you so much.
  • The elder sister is a state of human feelings that she creates inside the family home, as she is the female who plays the most difficult roles in her family's life . Sometimes the surrogate mother of her younger sisters listens to them.
  • My sister, if the whole world is being destroyed and the people are all displaced, then I will be by your side, so please be with me too, because I need you to be near me.
  • A sister is a human being who is ready to sacrifice for you.
  • How proud of our brothers , the most beautiful treasure I have possessed.
  • My sister will remain the one who maintains my loneliness and fills my solitude, and you will keep my distress away from me, my soulmate.
  • Sister puts your priorities before her priorities.
  • They quarrel daily and come the next day and have forgotten the mistakes and mistakes of each other, because they cannot live without each other. This is brotherhood.
  • Sister knows your psychological state from your eye.
  • Sister is there for you through thick and thin. Righteousness of your mother and father, then your sister and your brother, and then brought you near and brought you near.
  • A sister is the one who answers your call at any time.
  • The sister is a mass of tenderness sufficient to fill the entire universe, and she is oneness in everything.
  • Sister like a sword is here to protect you from your back.
  • My sisters and I are princesses who gave birth to a great queen.
  • Sister is a mirror of your personality.
  • Whoever has a sister is the property of the whole world, because the sister is the world and the world.
  • Sister does not oppose you except for what is contrary to your interest and love.
  • My sister, you are my idol in life.
  • Brotherhood is like a clear window from which we can see the sweetest things in the world, and through it we see all the beautiful meanings.
  • Sister is a small word that carries many meanings and broad concepts within it.

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