National University, Bangladesh
LL.B. Final Syllabus
Course Title: Legal Drafting, Professional Ethics, Trial and Advocacy Training and Viva-Voce
Course Code: LAW 208
Total Marks: 100

Writing Part

Group A: Drafting (Civil)

Principles of drafting and Convincing, Distinct on between Deeds and other Documents, Drifting of Deeds: Sale Deeds, Mortgage Deed, Gift or Hiba Deed, Waqf or Trust Deed, Will or Wasiya Nama, Power of attorney, Legal notice.
LL.B. Final Syllabus | Law of Transfer of Property & Intellectual Property Law

Group B: Drifting (Criminal)

FIR, General Diary, Bail Petition, Hajira Petition, Tim Petition, Naraji Petition, Memorandum of Appeal, Revision, Petition under Section 214A of Cr. P, C, Petition of Complaint, Drafting under section 561 Cr.P.C. Drafting under section 491 Cr.P.C. (detention), Drafting under section 526 Cr.P.C. Drafting under section 528 Cr.P.C. Revision.

Legal Drafting

Group C: Professional Ethics

Importance of Legal Ethics, Canons of professional Conduct and Etiquette, Other Lawyers, Chents, Court, Other Persons, Duties and Responsibilities towards, Misconduct, the Tribunal and Disciplinary Proceedings regarding Misconduct of an Advocate.

Trial Advocacy and Training (Civil)
The courts teacher shall arrange a Cicil Mock Trial on a given fact emphasizing on Choice of Forum, Drafting of Pleading, trial Advocacy Skill, Opening Statement, Examination-in-Chief, Cross examination and closing Arguments.

Trial and Advocacy Training, THe Course teachers shall arrange a Mock Trial on Choice of Forum, Drafting of Pleading, Trial Advocacy Skill, Opening statement, Examination-in-chief, Cross-examination and Closing Argument.

N. B: 
  • There will be 50 Marks for drafting and professional Ethics, Students will have to make one civil drafting (Group A: Out of two option and one criminal drafting) (Group B: Out of two options) each carrying 20marks. One more question has to be answered from professional ethics (Group C: Out two options). The rest 50 will be allocated for Trial advocacy and Viva-Voce (Trial Advocacy) Cicil (15) + Criminal (15) = 30; Viva-Voce = 20

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