Baby Constipation

We know pretty much about constipation. Huge numbers of us might not have a thought concerning why kids have constipation, what is the fix for sure. There are numerous youngsters who remain well without heading off to the can for a few days. Once more, numerous individuals may have swelling due to not setting off to the latrine one day. The kid may shout out in torment.

What is constipation?

If a person has trouble or takes a long time to defecate, we name it constipation. Usually constipation can be resulting from consuming less and drinking much less water because of illness. If there is constipation at all times, the cause is to are looking for treatment.

Why is constipation?

There are several causes of lengthy-term constipation or persistent constipation. E.g.

  • Eating causes: Many children may suffer from constipation when eating a low-fat diet. Constipation often occurs even after drinking cow's milk.
  • Physical defects: ঞf anorectic stenosis or anus is congenital closure.
  • Causes of Eating Disorders: Many children may suffer from constipation while eating a low fat diet. Constipation often occurs even after drinking cow's milk
  • Physical Defects: Anorectic stenosis or if the anus is congenitally closed
  • Defects in the nervous system
  • If mentally handicapped
  • Neurological problems or cerebral palsy
  • If there is no meat in front of the stomach at birth
  • If the body continues to lose energy or hypo-tension
  • In case of hypothyroidism
  • In case of multiple diseases
  • If there is too much calcium in the body
  • If renal tubular acidosis

Three to five years children's suffer more from constipation. This children has had bowel issues for several months and has bowel actions for numerous days in a row. a lot of the time the kid may damage the pants, every now and then he may be absent from school.

What kind of problems does the baby have when constipation?

  • Abdominal pain: Occasionally, there will be pain
  • There will be reluctance to eat and drink and loss of appetite
  • There may be nausea or nausea
  • Body weight will increase less
  • Examination will show that the stomach is hard and swollen. If you put your hand on your stomach, the stool will feel hard. The anus will remain moist and the sphincter will remain open. On top of this, the stool is stuck.

If the baby suffers from constipation, you should take some information about the baby's birth. For example, whether there is a delay in bowel movement or defecation after birth, what was the habit of defecation in childhood, what was the habit of eating, what was the habit of parents and child defecation, whether there was fissure in the rectum, stenosis or rectal closure and spinal tone or nerve function in the rectum, Is there.

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If the sphincter is tight or stiff, the anus is defecated, and the abdomen is swollen, then it is understood that the child has Hirschsprung disease (HSCR). If the sphincter is loose, it should be understood that it is due to the weakness of the nervous system.

If near the spine at the waist is an anorexia that resembles Rome and the bladder, it is a birth defect, called Spina bifida occulta.


The child should develop the habit of defecating calmly. It is important to keep an eye on whether the child is in pain and parents should be free of worry, do not suffer from instability. If necessary, children should be rewarded and encouraged to defecate.
* The baby should be given plenty of water and fibrous food. Drugs may be given to soften the tight stool.
* If there is no stool, then you have to take a general enema to the doctor. Glycerin suppositories can be given at home. This suppository can be given after consuming one to two teaspoons of methyl cellulose.
If there is fissure in the anus, it should be treated. Consult a pediatric psychiatrist if child have any mental problems.
If these treatments fail, it should be assumed that the child has Hirschsprung disease. In this case, there is no para-sympathetic ganglionic cell when the biopsy is performed from the anus. The disease is usually caught in 80 percent of the first month of birth and 95 percent in the first year. Symptoms include stomach bloating, vomiting, constipation, loss of appetite, and yellow vomiting.
X-rays will show gas and feces in the stomach. The presence of gas in the rectal ampule means Hirschsprung disease. It has to be treated by operation. So if the child is constipated, do not neglect to consult a pediatrician. Keep your child healthy.

The article is collected from online journal & written by:
Dr. Md. Mujibur Rahman
➮Pediatrician and Consultanta
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