National University, Bangladesh
LL.B. Final Syllabus
Course Title: Law of Evidence
Course Code: LAW 204
Total Marks: 100

Law of Evidence

  1. Nature of the law of Evidence, Classification of Evidence, Relevancy of Facts, Admissions.
  2. Presumptions and Conclusive Proof.
  3. Statement by persons who can not be called as witnesses, Statement made under special circumstances, How much of a statement id to be proved, Judgements of Courts of Justice when relevant, Opinions of third persons when relevant character when reinvent.
  4. Facts which need not proved, Oral evidence.
  5. Documentary evidence, Public documents, Presumption as to documents, Exclusion of oral by Documentary evidence.
  6. Production and effect of evidence,Burden of proof, Estoppels, Witness, role of Judges Compared in adversarial system and Inquisitorial system.

      LLB Preliminary Syllabus | Equity, Trust, Specific Relief and Hindu Law

      N. B: There will be ten (sometimes: eights) questions. The students will have to answer five questions. (5✕20=100)

      Credit: National University, Bangladesh (

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