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LL.B. Final Syllabus | Law of Crimes & Criminal Procedure

National University, Bangladesh
LL.B. Final Syllabus
Course Title: Law of Crimes & Criminal Procedure
Course Code: LAW 203
Total Marks: 100

Group-A : Law of Crimes

  1. history of the Enactment of the Penal Code, 1960 and Its basic features, Common Law Tradition of the Penal Code, 1860.
  2. Fundamental if Criminal law. Principles of Criminal Liability, Mens Rea and Strict Liability Essential elements of Crime, Classification of crimes and sin.
  3.  Punishment: Retributive, Development, Preventive and Reformative Deterrent, Preventive and Reformative Punishment , Objective and Philosophy of Punishment under Different Legal systems, Arguments for and against Death Penalty.
  4. Criminal Offences: Law of Homicide, Offences, Affecting Human Body, Offences affecting Property, Offences against public Order and Morality, Offences against the State, Offences Committed by the State.

    Group-B : Criminal Procedure

    1. Administration of Criminal Justice and the Code of Criminal Procedure, 1898.
    2. Complaint Case and Police Case, Cognizance, Investigation and Inquiry, Bail, Warrant, Police Investigation, Police Statement and Confessional Statement, Framing of Charge and Discharge.
    3. Criminal Courts: Powers and Functions, Summary Trial, Regular Trial, Transfer of Cases, Conviction, Appeal, Reference and Revision.
    4. Procedure to Due with Accused Military Person.
    5. Trial under the Nari O Shishu Nirjaton Domon Ain.
    LLB Preliminary Syllabus | Muslim Law

    N. B: There will be ten questions from two groups containing five in each. The students will have to answer five questions taking three from one Group and two from other Group. (5✕20=100)

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