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How to use time to be productive during your home quarantine


The whole world is now scared of the Coronavirus (COVID-19). Emergencies associated with coronavirus infection appear to be life-threatening today. The number of coronary artery patients is increasing every day. Corona Panic has normal education, government-private offices, varieties business, ... so on daily activities . People are prohibited from leaving their homes unless required. Asked to stay in the home quarantine. In this domestic isolation, people in most countries live a life where they are imprisoned. But don't panic: irritation can be good, an invitation to use time in a more complete and more creative way to rediscover less bizarre rhythms, to regain your own moments. And if you really have no idea what to do at home during this difficult time, we offer some advises.


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1. Set the schedule

Staying home all day can be very tempting to stay longer in bed or do other things like watching movies during business hours, as well as having fun at home, in short, that won't be very fruitful. The routine should be respected as if you were going to the office: waking up at the same time, taking a shower, wearing comfortable but not pajamas, eating breakfast and starting work as in the office.

2. Can read the book

There is no substitute for reading books to develop one's own knowledge. If you are busy, you have to fight regularly to get a chance to read a book. You can easily read books this leisurely.

Is it possible to establish a civil society without religious knowledge? No religion on earth offers illiteracy. In the modern age, we are turning away from religion only to have no religious knowledge. Even when we have time to do everything else, we do not have the opportunity to explore religious knowledge. Therefore, it can be used in the pursuit of religious knowledge. You can also write reviews or reviews about your favorite books.

3. Do Aerobic Exercises at home

In this situation you can take Aerobic Exercise at home instead of going outside. There are a few common Aerobic exercise, which can be done at home. Examples include aerobic exercise such as walking, jogging, running, jumping rope.
Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) advice for the public
Spend at least 15 minutes a day to mobilize your body.  According to researchers, 5 minutes of aerobic exercise is enough for a week. As such, this exercise can be done for 5 minutes every day.

Aerobic exercise results in the release of a hormone called endorphin, which reduces depression or depression. Aerobic exercise helps to lose weight and keep the heart healthy

4. Spend quality time with family

Social distance and separation also have a positive effect. You can spend quality time with your family. You spend a lot of time with your family, especially if you are busy with work. So, use this opportunity to strengthen your bond with family.

5. Limit the time you spend watching the news.

The mass media are at the service of the oligarchies that manage power from the shadows. And they often explode dramatic events, frightening the population. Protect yourself from poisoning your mind with this kind of sensational propaganda, which can plunge you into a state of negativity, anguish and sadness.

6. Set the digital disconnect time

When you have finished the telephone day, mute your cell phone. Avoid constantly checking your mail, message notifications, social networks and more

Without the scope of work, the emotional burden associated with our devices can be a source of stress. Let's learn how to handle this and especially put the phone in silent mode from time to time.

7. Online Tutoring Courses

Well, you can be one of those who has been a trainer or tutor since the beginning. However, they had to temporarily skip face-to-face during the Covid-19 epidemic. Well, changing online learning methods never hurts. If you are new to this field, try asking yourself what skills have you mastered so far? Next, try out the learning method and inform your intention of opening an online course on your social media.

8. Keep the room clean

During the quarantine, you will probably be at home. So, every morning and evening, take the time to clean the house from dust and dirt, if possible. To not get disturbed, try to repaint your house with different colors on the weekends. Let your productive mood stay awake.

9. Cook and Try New Recipes

Another interesting idea that you can try, namely cooking. Try the new recipe you want to try. If all this time you always buy food outside, this is the perfect time to try out your cooking skills.

In addition, you can also eat healthier and hygienic foods because they are made by yourself.

10. Develop skills

Even if you've got the will to figure beneath daily stress, you are doing not have the chance to develop your skills. you'll be able to use now of home quarantine to develop your skills.

Determine one of your hobbies. It can be Web development, Graphics design, Making Presentation, Blogging, Writing, Drawing, Cooking and so on. You can practice searching from related images, books, videos from online. If you have a passion for cooking, you can do it yourself by searching for different recipes online. There is no substitute for making healthy meals yourself.

You can also focus on handwriting or drawing. You can also develop religious knowledge by acquiring religious knowledge, which you do not get at other times.

Welcome to share your ideas to use time to be productive during your home quarantine. We will share more ideas soon.


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