Because of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, teaching and examinations of all educational institutions including universities, schools and colleges have been suspended. All the educational establishments have come to a standstill. Thousands of students around the world are under home quarantine today. What do students need to do to address this push? The following is an important piece of advice from Digital Study Center.

What students should do during Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Call at the Creator:

It is very difficult to retain the mental strength of the students in the current situation. One day we will all have to leave this world. Even if we are saved from the coronavirus, we will not survive forever. Believers can never forget the Creator under any circumstances. So we must call on our Creator to give us good. He alone can save us from this epidemic.
May we be freed from the coronavirus and pray for a more beautiful world than ever before.

Creating opportunities for Learning Online:

While it is not safe to attend educational institutions in the event of a coronavirus epidemic, the big solution is to continue this trend of education using information technology. It is important to ensure the continuity of the education system in these difficult times. Distance learning should be widely used in the developed world. In order to make the online education system more effective, it is necessary to identify the weak points and take steps to solve them.

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Study regularly:

Since there is no opportunity to study in an educational institution, one has to pay more attention to regular study at home than before. Those students whose exams have been postponed or who were supposed to take exams, need to study with more importance. Time is not always the same. One time everything will be fine. Then the test will be taken soon. Those who neglect the time of home quarantine will not be able to get good results in the test in a short time of preparation. If the current exam is bad because of your personal problem, it is not a consideration in future job exam. No job in the future will consider it on the Viba board, your results were worse due to the coronavirus epidemic. Because in good times no one remembers bad situations.

To get Coronavirus Update: Statistics of Coronavirus (Covid-19) in Bangladesh by date

Don't waste, be thrifty:

Don't do it in one day, next time our world, society will not be like before. The whole world will fall into economic recession. All of you have to suffer the effects of which.

By worrying about the next economic situation try to save money daily. A student may not earn, but can save by controlling his or her expenses if he or she wishes. Concentrate on saving by controlling extra mobile bills, internet bills, breakfast bills, fancy things. The cost of traveling to your educational institution to stay at home quarantine is not being spent on an outdoor chat. If you wish, you can save good money later with a little saving every day.

Come to Learn, Go to Serve!
Considering the situation, many may not be getting the right teacher. We help students study online for free with notes, suggestions, and advice. If you have trouble understanding something, please let us know. We will sincerely try to make your lesson enjoyable.

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