Easy Ways to Calculate Number of Days in a Month

Left Hand (Number of Days in a Month)

The twelve months of the year in detail

DAYS IN EACH MONTH (the 12 Months):

  1. January ⇛ 31 days
  2. February ⇛ 28 days (in a common year) & 29 days (in leap years***)
  3. March ⇛ 31 days
  4. April ⇛ 30 days
  5. May ⇛ 31 days
  6. June ⇛ 30 days
  7. July ⇛ 31 days
  8. August ⇛ 31 days
  9. September ⇛ 30 days
  10. October ⇛ 31 days
  11. November ⇛ 30 days
  12. December ⇛ 31 days

Leap Year:
Every fourth year, the month of February has 29 days instead of 28. This year is called a "leap year" and the 29th day of February is a "leap day". A leap year has 366 days instead of the usual 365. Most years that can be cleanly divided by four are leap years. Example: 2012, 2016, 2020 and 2024, ..... .... ... .. . are leap years.
At a glance: How many days in each month
  • 28 or 29 Days: February
  • 30 Days: April, June, September, November
  • 31 Days: January, March, May, July, August, October, December

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