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Recruitment Notification under DSS

Department of Social Services Government of the People's Republic of Bangladesh Recruitment Notification under Department of Social ServicesPost's Name: Social worker
Total Vacancy: 127
Salary: 23,100/- (Total wages)

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Join Bangladesh Air Force as Officer Cadet

Bangladesh Air Force Job Circulars: Join Bangladesh Air Force as Officer Cadet
Border Guard Bangladesh Civil Service Job Advertisement-2020

BGB 96th Batch Job Circular-2020

For details:01. Website: 02. Facebook:
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Border Guard Bangladesh Civil Service Job Advertisement-2020

Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) BGB Civil Service Job Advertisement-2020
BGB 96th Batch Job Circular-2020

BGB 96th Batch Job Circular-2020

Border Guard Bangladesh Male and Female Candidates for the post of Sepoy (GD) in 96th Batch recruitment digitally➲ Educational Qualifications, Salary scale and Age: ⇛ Physical Fitness:

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LL.B. Final Syllabus | Legal Drafting, Professional Ethics, Trial and Advocacy Training and Viva-Voce

National University, Bangladesh
LL.B. Final Syllabus Course Title: Legal Drafting, Professional Ethics, Trial and Advocacy Training and Viva-Voce Course Code: LAW 208
Total Marks: 100
Writing Part Group A: Drafting (Civil)Principles of drafting and Convincing, Distinct on between Deeds and other Documents, Drifting of Deeds: Sale Deeds, Mortgage Deed, Gift or Hiba Deed, Waqf or Trust Deed, Will or Wasiya Nama, Power of attorney, Legal notice.
LL.B. Final Syllabus | Law of Transfer of Property & Intellectual Property Law Group B: Drifting (Criminal) FIR, General Diary, Bail Petition, Hajira Petition, Tim Petition, Naraji Petition, Memorandum of Appeal, Revision, Petition under Section 214A of Cr. P, C, Petition of Complaint, Drafting under section 561 Cr.P.C. Drafting under section 491 Cr.P.C. (detention), Drafting under section 526 Cr.P.C. Drafting under section 528 Cr.P.C. Revision.
Group C: Professional Ethics Importance of Legal Ethics, Canons of professional Conduct and Etiquette, Oth…

SSC or Equivalent Examination-2020 Results

Secondary School Certificate (SSC) or Equivalent Examination-2020 Results To get the results through SMSThe students will have to type SSC/ Dakhil <space> board name (first three letter)<space> Exam Roll <Space> Year (2020) and send to 16222.At a glance: SSC or Equivalent Examination-2020 01. Total candidates: 20, 47,779 Male: 10, 24,363Female: 10, 23,416
02. Total centres: 3,512
03. Total educational institutions: 28,884 ----- ---- --- -- - + - -- --- ---- ----- 04. Total passed: 82.87% (SSC: 83.75%, Madrasa: 82.51% and Vocational: 72.70%) Dhaka Board: 82.34%Chattogram Board: 84.75%Cumilla Board: 85.22%Barishal Board: 79.70%Sylhet Board: 78.79%Dinajpur Board: 82.73%Jashore Board: 87.31%Mymensingh Board: 80.13%Rajshahi Board: 90.37% Learn Roman Numerals ----- ---- --- -- - + - -- --- ---- ----- 05. Achieving GPA-5: 1,35,898 students
Dhaka Board: 36,047Chattogram Board: 9,008Cumilla Board: 10,245Barishal Board: 4,483Sylhet Board: 4,263Dinajpur Board: 7,434Jashore Board: 13,763M…

LL.B. Final Syllabus | Land Laws

National University, Bangladesh
LL.B. Final Syllabus Course Title: Land Laws Course Code: LAW 207
Total Marks: 100
Law of Registration and Public Demands Recovery Group A: Land LawConcept of Land, Land Rights, Access to Land, Land Rights and Poverty.
State Acquisition and Tenancy Law: Legacy of Permanent Settlement Regulation, 1973 and Bengal Tenancy Act, 1885, Abolition of Zamindary System, Acquisition of Rent reeving Interests and Its Consequences, Ceiling of Land Holding, Preparation and maintenance of Record of Rights (Khatiyan), Forged Doccuments, Land Survey and Mutation, Rights of the Raiyats, Allvion & Diluvion Law, Mode of transfer, Expunction of Interests. Preemption, Mortgages, Transfer of Land by Adivashi People, Land Development Tax, Amalgamation, Sub division and Consolidation of Holsings, Land Administration in Bangladesh, Appeal, Revision and Review.
Non-Agricultural Tenancy Law: Concept and Classes of Non-Agricultural Land and Tenant, Purpose of Non-Agricultural Land, Ma…

Learn Roman Numerals

Roman Numerals Ancient Romans used a special method of showing numbers. Roman numerals are a number system developed in ancient Rome where letters represent numbers. The modern use of Roman numerals involves the letters I, V, X, L, C, D, and M.
Know:Basic Properties of Numbers in Mathematics
01. The Roman SymbolsRomans Numerals are based on the following symbols: Roman Numerals : Number (in English)I : 1 - OneV : 5 - FiveX : 10 - TenL : 50 - FiftyC : 100 - One HundredD : 500 - Five HundredM : 1000 - One Thousand 02. Basic Roman Numerals ChartRoman Numerals : Number (in English)I : 1 - OneII : 2 -  TwoIII : 3 - ThreeIV : 4 - FourV : 5 - FiveVI : 6 - SixVII : 7 - SevenVIII : 8 - EightIX : 9 -  NineX : 10 - Ten
X : 10 - TenXX : 20 - TwentyXXX : 30 - ThirtyXL : 40 - FourtyL : 50 - FiftyLX : 60 - SixtyLXX : 70 - SeventyLXXX : 80 - EightyXC : 90 - Ninety 03. Numerals Chart (1-100 : I-C)Numeric Numbers <=> Roman Numerals1<=>I2<=>II3<=>III4<=>IV5<=>V6<=>VI7…

EID-ul-Fitr, 2020

EID-ul-FITR 2020
Know about:EID-ul-FitrOn this joyous occasionMay Allah bless you with happiness and grace your home with warmth and pace Eid Mubarak To You

Learn house related words

A abodeaccounting firmadobeadobe houseancient romeapartmentapartment buildarchitectarena theateratticauction houseaudienceautonomous buildingsaviary
B backyardbarnbase isolationbath, somersetbathhousebathroombeach housebedbedroombedsitbirdhouseblockblock of flatboarding housebox officebrickbrick and mortarbritish house of commonsbritish house of lordsbroken homebrownstonebuckingham palacebuildingbuilding materialbungalowbusiness organization
C cabincapitolcarpetcarportcastleceilingceiling fancellarchaletchapterhousechicken coopchimneyclosetclothes dryerclothes washercolumncommemorative plaquesconcreteconjugal familyconstructionconstruction topicconsulting companyconsulting firmconventcook oilcornicecorridorcottagecountercountry housecountrysidecourtcourthousecowshedcribcupboardcurtain rodcurtains You can also read:Idioms and Phrases D detach housedetached housedining roomdish washerdoggie doordoghousedollhousedoll's housedomiciledoordoor belldoor jambdoorknobdoorwaydormdormer windowdormit…

Make Symbols to be smart in Keyboard

We need different symbols for writing publications and websites. Usually we use copy-paste or image in this case. Today we will learn how to type the required symbol on the keyboard without using any type of copy-paste or image.
How to type different type of Symbols with Keyboard
Below are the different symbol type methods:  01. Currency symbolsThe cent sign: ¢ <=> Alt+0162
Pound Currency: £ <=> Alt+0163
General Currency: ¤ <=> Alt+0164
Japanese Yen Currency: ¥ <=> Alt+0165 0024
Dollar Currency: $ <=> 0024+Alt+X
Euro Currency: € <=> Alt+0128
Dutch Florin Currency: ƒ  <=> Alt+0131
02. Legal symbolsCopyright symbol: © <=> Alt+0169
Registered Trademark symbol: ® <=> Alt+0174
Section Symbol: § <=> Alt+0167
Trademark symbol: ™ <=> Alt+0153
03. Mathematical symbolsPlus or Minus sign: ° <=> Alt+0176
º <=> Alt+0186
Infinity sign: √ <=> 221A+Alt+X
Plus sign: + <=> Alt+43
# <=> Alt+35
µ <=> Alt+0181
< <=>…

Use Contractions to be smart in English

What is Contractions?Contractions in English are words or phrases that are shortened by dropping one or more letters and replacing the letter or letters with an apostrophe ('). Where are contractions used?Contractions are used in speech and in informal writing.
Contractions Examples:What is you father name? ↦ What's your father name?Sony can not do the job well. ↦ Sony can't do the job well.In the following, list of important contractions in not ↦ isn'tare not ↦ aren'twas not ↦ wasn'twere not ↦ weren'thas not ↦ hasn'thave not ↦ haven'thad not ↦ hadn'tneed not ↦ needn'tought not ↦ oughtn't
cannot ↦ can'tcould not ↦ couldn'tcould have ↦ could've
do not ↦ don'tdid not ↦ didn'tdoes not ↦ doesn't
you are ↦ you'reyou have ↦ you'veyou had/ you would ↦ you'dyou will/ you shall ↦ you'l
I am ↦ I'mI have ↦ I'veI had/ I would ↦ I'dI will/ I shall ↦ I'll
he is/ he has ↦ he'she had/ he wo…

Use formal Words to be smart in English

Generally, there are no specific definitions about formal and informal words.We use formal words in serious situations such as writings for publishing assistance, essays for school, cover letters to apply for jobs, or emails and letters at work and with people we don’t know well.
On the other hand, We use informal words in general writings, with known people.
From above discussion, we can identify when we use formal words and informal words: Formal words: writings for publishing assistance, essays for school, cover letters to apply for jobs, or emails and letters at work and with people we don’t know wellInformal words: general writings, with known people (friends, children, and relatives). Read:List of Important Word Pairs Digital Study Center
By using formal words, we can be smart in English. All professional writings/ speaking (for IELTS) must used formal words. In this case, we must know followings formal words so that we can use its as well.
INFORMAL words <=: :=> FORMAL wordsA A…

How to Solve One Variable Equations

Solution of Equation in One VariableIntroduction:
The equation of the form f(x)=0 is called an equation in one variable. It may be algebraic or transcendental or a combination of both. When f(x) is a polynomial in x, that is f(x)=a0xn+a1xn-1++a2xn-2+ ..... +an then f(x)=0 is called algebraic equation, Again if f(x) contains some other functions such as logarithmic, exponential, trigonometric etc, then f(x)=0 is called transcendental equation.
Example: A few one variable equation:(i) x3-2x-5=0 (ii) x3+x2-1=0 (iii) x2-3=0 etc.
A few one variable equation: (i) e-x=sinx (ii) ex tanx=1 (iii) 2x=log10x+7 etc. Definitions and Concepts of Sets, Relations and Functions If  f(x)=0 is an equation and f(a)=0 then x=a is called a root of the equation. Again if the graph of y=f(x) crosses the x-axis at x=a then x=a is a root of the equation f(x)=0. Sometimes root of equation is called zero or solution of the equation.
Mathematical Example: f(x)=x3-6x2+11x-6=0 is an equation and f(1)=1-6+11-6=0, So x=1 is a …

LL.B. Final Syllabus | Company and Business Law of Bangladesh

National University, Bangladesh
LL.B. Final Syllabus Course Title: Company and Business Law of Bangladesh Course Code: LAW 206
Total Marks: 100
Group A: Company Law History of Company Laws, Nature, Personality and Essential elements of Companies, Types of Companies, Formation Of Companies, Memorandum and Article of Association, Doctrine of Ultra Vires, Doctrine of Indoor Management, Doctrine of Constructive Notice, Private and Public, Essential Features, Distinctions and Conversion, Raising and Maintenance of Capital, Shard and Debenture, Board of Directors, Responsibilities and Doctrine of Lifting the Veil, Meeting and Resolutions, Investor and Creditor's Protection, Directors, Managing Agents, Wingding-up.
LLB Preliminary Syllabus | Labour Laws of Bangladesh Group B: Business Law Law of sale of goods: Define of Sale, Essential Features of a Contact of sale of Goods. Sale and Agreement to Sell Distinguished, Conditions and Warranties, Passing of Property and Title and Transfer of Titl…

Advice for Students during Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Because of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, teaching and examinations of all educational institutions including universities, schools and colleges have been suspended. All the educational establishments have come to a standstill. Thousands of students around the world are under home quarantine today. What do students need to do to address this push? The following is an important piece of advice from Digital Study Center.

What students should do during Coronavirus (COVID-19) Call at the Creator: It is very difficult to retain the mental strength of the students in the current situation. One day we will all have to leave this world. Even if we are saved from the coronavirus, we will not survive forever. Believers can never forget the Creator under any circumstances. So we must call on our Creator to give us good. He alone can save us from this epidemic.
May we be freed from the coronavirus and pray for a more beautiful world than ever before.

Creating opportunities for Learning Onli…

LL.B. Final Syllabus | International Law

National University, Bangladesh
LL.B. Final Syllabus Course Title: International Law Course Code: LAW 205
Total Marks: 100
Group A: Basics of International LawInternational Law: Definition, Nature, Characteristics, Scope and Sources of International Law.Law of Nature and Development of International Law, Relationship of International Law with Municipal Law.Territorial Sovereignty, recognition of States, State responsibility and, State Succession.Law of Treaties, Diplomatic and Consular law.Role of the International Court of Justice in Development of Contemporary International Law.
LLB Preliminary Syllabus | Constitutional Law of Bangladesh, UK and USA
Group B: Law of the SeaTerritorial Sea: Territorial Waters, Baselines, Bays, Island, Right of Innocnet Passage.Contiguous Zone, Exclusive Economic Zone, Continental Shelf, Rights and Duties of the Coastal State, Maritime Delimitation, Landlocked State.High Seas: Jurisdiction on the High Seas, Common Heritage of Mankind, Right of Visit, Piracy…

Realistic Life Advice for young people

Why need to Realistic Life Advice for young people? Each moment of this fleeting lifestyles may be very valuable. It is not possible to reap success in existence with out right steerage. At a young age, positive activities can lead you to certain desires. right here are some pointers that will help you achieve lifestyles that have modified the lives of famous human beings. revel in!

Going to the Gym, doing Strength Training: The reason for doing gym is physical. People need hormonal balance. Thus, in our country where the pattern and movement of food is low, a person will suffer from various problems from depression. Since the body and the mind are the vehicle for the rest of your work, it is important to take care of these two. Focus on the gym or other types of exercise, works to increase mental strength.

Muslims will perform the five times daily prayers. It is physical prayer.It is narrated in the Holy Qur'an that prayer refrains all evil deeds.

Increasing Mental Endurance Inc…