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HSC Exam-2020 English 1st Paper Suggestion

  • Nelson Mandela : Unit-1, Lesson-1
  • He is the epicenter of our time, ours in south : Lesson-1
  • My brother, I stand before you today with a ........... : Lesson-2
  • Valentina Treshkova was born in the village ............ : Lesson-3
  • When you are in a driving seat of a car  ............ : Unit-2, Lesson-1,2
  • Dhaka's infrastructure doesn't match the scale  ............ : Lesson-2
  • Unsafe levels of pesticides are present in around ............ : Unit-3, Lesson-1
  • I caught sight of her at the play  ............ : Lesson-2
  • As a child you must have been told to greet your elders  ............ : Unit-4, Lesson-1
  • I was ten years old  ............ : Lesson-3
  • Children must pass through several stages ............ : Unit-5, Lesson-1
  • Adolescents constitute a nation's core resource ................ : Lesson-2,4
  • Children's right to educations also implies  ............ : Lesson-3
  • At the age of nine, Dylan Mahalingam  ............ : Lesson-5
  • Universities should never be made into  ............ : Unit-6, Lesson-1
  • Tertiary education in Bangladesh ............ : Lesson-2
  • Many educators believe that  ............ : Lesson-3
  • Cursed or not, we know how important drinking ............. : Unit-8, Lesson-1
  • The report says that the river (Buriganga) had glorious past  ............ : Lesson-1
  • Hakaluki Haor is an important source of fisheries  ............ : Lesson-2
  • A vast mangrove forest shares by Bangladesh  ............ : Lesson-4
  • According to some myths and legends  ............ : Unit-9, Lesson-3
  • The Negro is still not free  ............ : Unit-10, Lesson-3
  • Today tourist who is new to London  ............ : Unit-11, Lesson-2
  • Migration from Bangladesh to Britain started in 1930s  ............ : Lesson-4
  • Conflict can be described as a disagreement  ............ : Unit-12, Lesson-2
  • An old man with steel rimmed a spectacles  ............ : Lesson-4
  • We human beings tend to forget  ............ : Unit-13, Lesson-1
  • When I started working on the research  ............ : Lesson-2
  • The first peace movement appeared  ............ : Unit-12, Lesson-5
  • Beauty is easy to appreciate but difficult  ............ : Lesson-2
  • Folk music consists of songs and music  ............ : Lesson-2
  • A craft-work thus is a dynamic object  ............ : Lesson-3
  • We set out on the evening of July 21st  ............ : Unit-15, Lesson-1
  • This was the Orient  ............ : Lesson-2,3,4

Re-arrage Sentence
  • Marko Polo
  • Alfred Bernard Nobel
  • Robinson Crusoe
  • Shakespeare
  • Socrates
  • An English boy and Nepoleon Bonaparte
  • Thomas Alva Edison
  • Sheikh Saadi and his dress
  • Sheikh Saadi and The Robbers
  • Einstein, The great scientist
  • Kazi Nazrul Islam
  • A lad and a famous teacher
  • Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman
  • Abdul Kader Jilani
  • A.K. Fazlul Haque
  • Hatem Tai and the king
  • King Solomon and The Queen of Sheba
  • Dr. Zoha Shaheed Mohammad Shamsuzzoha
  • Baizid Bostami
  • Mother Teresa
  • Abu Ben Adhem
  • Who will bell the cat
  • Stephen Hawking
  • Nelson Mandela
  • Androcles and the lion
  • The king and the astrologer
  • The hare and the tortoise
  • The lion and the mouse
  • King Lear
  • Pied piper of Hamelin
  • The ship Titanic
  • Othello and Desdemona
  • Cinderella
  • Hajja Nasiruddin
  • The Sadhu and the lamp of earth
  • The frogs and the playing boy
  • The fox without tail
  • Thirsty crow
  • Taimur, the great
  • Robert Bruce
  • Joynul Abedin
  • President Abraham Lincoln
  • Gazi Pir
  • Hercules
  • The Diary of a Young Girl
  • Khan Jahan Ali
  • King Porus and The King Alexander
  • President George Washington
  • Dr. Muhammad Shahidullah
  • A little boy and a photograph
  • Two rats and a monkey
  • The ant and the grasshopper
  • The grocer and the fruit seller
  • The sultan and an honest tax collector
  • As a student, Luther king was very brilliant.
  • As a result, he studied under a great thinker Plato.

    Paragraph Writing
    • Human Rights
    • Gender Equality/ Gender Discrimination
    • Diaspora
    • Good Manners
    • Traffic Jam
    • Premature/ Early Marriage/ The Curse of Dowry
    • Adolescence
    • Folk Music
    • Satellite TV Channel
    • Female Education
    • Social Values
    • Natural Calamities in Bangladesh/ Environment Pollution/ Global Warming/ Green House Effect/ The Impact of Climate Change
    • Necessity of Learning English/ Education
    • A Book Fair
    • Eve Teasing
    • Bangladesh
    • Our war of independence/ Victory Day/ Independence Day
    • Load Shedding
    • Street Accident
    • The International Mother Language Day/ 21st February
    • Leisure
    • Deforestation/ Tree Plantation
    • Nelson Mandela
    • Accessibility to Higher Education Bangladesh
    • Mobile Phone/ Internet/ Facebook
    • College Library/ Magazine

    Completing Story
    • Farmer and his goose
    • The Ant and the Dove
    • Old man and his sons
    • Even a small creature can help a large one. (Once a lion was sleeping in a forest ... .. .)
    • A liar shepherd
    • An honest wood cutter
    • Slow and steady wins the race. (Once there were a hare and tortoise ... .. .)
    • Honesty is the best policy. (There lived a poor but worthy farmer in a village. With the small income of his few areas of land ... .. .)
    • A witty crow. (One day a crow became very thirsty ... .. .)
    • Two friends and a bear
    • The Pied Piper of Hamelin
    • A fox without a tail
    • The King inspired by a spider
    • A friend in need is a friend indeed. (There were two friends ... .. .)
    • What is spot to one is death to another. (There was a pond full of frogs ... .. .)
    • Bayazid’s love for his mother.
    • The foolish crow. (Once there was a foolish crow. One day it stole a piece of meat ... .. .)
    • Promise should be kept. (A long time ago the town of Hameline in Germany ... .. .)
    • Graps all,lose all. (There lived a farmer and he had a wonderful goose ... .. .)
    • Nobody believes a liar. ( Once there was a cow boy who told lies ... .. .)
    • Who will bell the cat? (Once some mice were having ... .. .)
    • Happiness lies in the contentment. (Once there lived a happy cobbler who passed his days in working and singing from morning till night ... .. .)
    • Might is right. (Once a lion became very thirsty and came to a stream to quench his thirst. Suddenly he found a lamb ... .. .)
    • Greed loses all. (A dog once stole a piece of meat from a stall ... .. .)
    • The prudence of the judge. (Once a man lost his purse ... .. .)
    • A wise king (Once upon a time there were two women. One of them had a body but the other did not have ... .. .)
    • Two rats and the monkey. (Once two rats found a loaf of bread ... .. .)
    • The more man gets the more he wants. (Once upon a time there was a king called Midas ... .. .)
    • The wolf and the crane. (There lived a wolf in a wood and he killed a lamb ... .. .)
    • Look before you leap. (Once in summer , a fox was very thirsty. He looked about all day for water to drink ... .. .)
    • Outward appearance is not at all (Sheikh Sadi was a great poet. One day he was going to the court of the king of Iran ... .. .)

    Analyzing Map, Graph and Pie Chart

    • The mobile / cell phone users / subscribers in Bangladesh.
    • Source of air pollution in a city
    • The consumption of power supply for different sectors.
    • The number of road accident in Bangladesh.
    • The comparative of selling rates of four types of books in Ekushey Boi Mela.
    • The birth rate in Bangladesh.
    • Population growth rate in Bangladesh.
    • The mortality /death rate / infant mortality rate in Bangladesh.
    • The choice of profession by educated people in our country.
    • The average temperature of the year 2017 in Bangladesh.
    • The rates of pass in different groups in the HSC examination.
    • The flow of foreign remittance in Bangladesh.
    • The percentage of early marriage in Bangladesh.
    • The gradual rate of the internet users in Bangladesh.
    • The positive and negative uses of internet according to the different age group of the users.
    • The distribution of percentage of a family's household income into different categories.
    • The percentage of persons completing different education levels.
    • The number of girls and boys enrolled in schools or primary schools in a town.
    • The percentage of transportation used by students to come to college.
    • The percentage of the type of books in a college library.
    • The time allocation of students daily activities/ pastime/ favourite activities in school / college or out of school/ college.

    Writing theme of the poem
    • She walks in beauty
    • Home they brought her warrior dead
    • Twinkle, twinkle, little starAmidst killer speeds I stand
    • I sit on one of the dives
    • Fair Daffodils we weep to see
    • Under the greenwood tree
    • I love to rise in a summer morn
    • Hold fast to dream
    • Because I have seen Bengal’s face
    • I died for beauty, but was scarce
    • I will arise and go now, and go to
    • Whose woods these are I thrive I know
    • I wondered lonely as a cloud
    • Hope is the thing with feathers
    • I was angry with my friend
    • O’ father and mother if buds are nipped
    • Farewell, farewell, but this I tell
    • ‘O Mary, go and call the cattle home
    • Half a league, Half a league / Forward, the light Brigade!
    • What is this if, full of care
    • All people dream but not equally
    • Two roads diverged in a yellow wood
    • I meet a traveller from an antique land
    • The buzz saw snarled and rattled in the yard
    • Day after day, day after day
    • All the world is a stage


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