Jagannath University
Faculty of Business Studies

Admission of MBA(Evening) Program, Fall-2019

Application Form Download: www.jnu.ac.bd/assets/notice/c2a721e5af1378082680cb24f1e6d29b.pdf

1. Preamble
Faculty of Business Studies, Jagannath University is going to offer the MBA (Evening) Program to prepare skilled and qualified business executives not only for local market but also for the global market. The curricula will be fueled by teaching methodologies based on persuasive thinking to help students in maximizing their performance. A well balanced qualitative and quantitative approach will be followed to support students in improving their analytical and quantitative skills. A variety of specialized and interdisciplinary courses will offer to focus on developing leadership qualities of the students to act strategically and efficiently in the present day global environment. One of the major objectives of the MBA (Evening) Program of the departments is to update knowledge of the students / professionals in different functional areas of business with special emphasis on various aspects in the field in Accounting, Management, Marketing and Finance. Thus, the program aims at making the professionals technically more competent in solving problems in the relevant fields.

2. Title of the Program and Name of the Degree This program shall known as ‘MBA (Evening)’program and the name of degree shall be MBA (Major in .................).

3. Objectives of the MBA (Evening) Program The specific objectives of the program are:
a. Preparing students of different background with necessary skills and techniques for developing career in the field of Accounting & Information Systems, Management Studies, Marketing and Finance;
b. Promoting students’ perceptions of various functional areas of business and developing their understanding of interrelationships among them;
c. Assisting students in understanding the dynamics of business operations in an increasingly competitive global environment and competently dealing with the management problems there in;
d. Developing critical thinking, interpersonal communication skills and leadership qualities of the students to make them to work efficiently and effectively;

..... to know details: www.jnu.ac.bd/assets/notice/cae724ff6277cc0ff2fa1bb61dbd5822.pdf

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