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How to maintain good health

Important tips about How to maintain good health

Everyone is looking for the secret of the ability of many to maintain good health and resistance to all the difficulties and problems of life. In an attempt to provide the healing answer, we will present some effective tips for maintaining health, intrusive to the psychological and physical factors.

Always think in a positive way

When you wake up in a bad mood, pessimism will affect how you behave and interact with those around you all day long. Your body will also be weaker and will not be able to resist disease and germs. So always try to be positive and have a good mood.

Maintain your activity and vitality

For long periods of time in the office, fatigue and tiredness leave your body and mind at the same time. Studies in 2009 also suggest that the longer we sit in the same place without moving, the greater the risk of death. Therefore, it is best to take breaks every 45 minutes in addition to exercise to accelerate the circulation of blood and oxygen to the body.

Drink a large amount of water daily

Water accounts for more than 50% of the total human body. Thus, the body will not be able to complete its tasks and the mind will not be able to function properly without sufficient water. So, drink six to eight glasses of water a day, as well as some food that helps to secure the amount of water necessary for the body.

Take a cold bath

The cold bath accelerates circulation and strengthens the immune system as it improves the mood and gives the body activity and vitality in addition to its contribution to the secretion of antioxidants. We recommend that you take a cool bath without exceeding five minutes.

Exercise and yoga

Breathing exercises and meditation during yoga classes help strengthen the body's immunity, not to mention its ability to fight microbes and avoid heart disease and obesity. Exercise also reduces stress and stress and reduces the risk of cancer and osteoporosis.

Try to build friendships and strengthen social relations

Social relationships increase body immunity and reduce the risk of disease and inflammation. Studies also show that the risk of heart disease increases to 50 percent in people without many friends and few social relationships.

Follow a healthy diet

The reduction of calories per person per day contributes to maintaining good health, which reduces the cholesterol and fat levels in the body. Also, avoid sweets and sugars and try replacing them with proteins in eggs and milk products as much as your body needs them and try to eat fresh fruits and vegetables.

Eat lots of garlic and milk

Eating garlic helps reduce the risk of heart disease, lowers cholesterol and is an antioxidant that can be eaten raw or cooked. Also, coffee has several benefits because it contains good bacteria that reduce blood pressure and increase immunity to the body.

We hope that the tips we have provided are useful to you and that you will follow them to maintain your health and your activity to be always bright and sparkling.


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