Secondary School Certificate (SSC) Exam - 2019

Suggestion: English 2nd Paper (For All Education Board in Bangladesh)

CV Writing:

  • for assistant teacher in English
  • for a probationary officer in Bank
  • for a computer operator
  • for a field officer
  • for an Assistant marketing Manager

Formal Letter/ Email:

  • sinking a deep tube-well
  • study Tour/ Excursion
  • setting up a canteen/ a computer club/ a debating club
  • seat in the school hostel/ common room facilities/ library facilities
  • testimonial
  • relief goods and Medical Aids

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Paragraph (for 1st & 2nd Paper):

  • A School Magazine/ School Library
  • Your Favorite Teacher
  • A book fair I visited/ Book fair/ Village fair
  • Early Rising
  • A Rainy Day/ A Winter Morning
  • Your National Flag
  • A Tea Stall
  • A Moonlit Night
  • Load Shedding
  • Traffic Jam
  • Pahela Boishakh
  • A Railway Station
  • Mobile Phone/ Television/ Computer
  • Tree Plantation/ Deforestation
  • The Life of a Farmer
  • Price Hike
  • Environment Pollution/ Water Pollution/ Sound Pollution
  • A Rickshaw Puller/ A Street Hawker/ A Street Accident/ A Day Labourer

Composition Writing:

  • Your Childhood Memories
  • Wonders of modern Science
  • Uses of computer in Bangladesh
  • Television/ Importance of Television In Your Life
  • Population Problem in Bangladesh
  • The Recent Flood in Bangladesh
  • Your visit to a historical place
  • A Journey You have made (A journey by ..... .... ... .. .)
  • Duties of a Student
  • Physical Exercise/ Importance of Physical Exercise
  • Newspaper/ Benefits of Reading Newspaper
  • The season You Like Most/ The Spring in Bangladesh
  • Your Favourite Game/ The Game You Like Most/ Your Favourite Hobby
  • The Importance of Trees/ Tree Plantation! why You Think More Trees should be Planted
  • Your Aim in Life/ Your Future Plan of Life/ Profession You Like to Take up In Future

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