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SSC Exam - 2019 | English 1st Paper Suggestion

SSC: Secondary School Certificate

SSC Exam - 2019 Suggestion: English 1st Paper (For All Education Board in Bangladesh)

Passage- A:
  • The International Mother Language...... .... .... .. .
  • Digital Bangladesh is now the...... .... .... .. .
  • Mobile Phone is a great invention...... .... .... .. .
  • Internet is the latest invention...... .... .... .. .
  • Greenhouse effect is the...... .... .... .. .
  • Munshi Abdur Rouf was a Lance...... .... .... .. .
  • Zahir Raihan was one of the...... .... .... .. .
  • Facebook is a directory of photos...... .... .... .. .
  • The National Memorial is a great...... .... .... .. .
  • December is our victory day...... .... .... .. .

Passage- B:
  • Lord Byron was an...... .... .... .. .
  • Humayun Ahamed was...... .... .... .. .
  • Milto was a great poet...... .... .... .. .
  • The first President of...... .... .... .. .
  • Sher-e-Bangla is one of the...... .... .... .. .
  • Albert Einstein who one...... .... .... .. .
  • The Eiffel Tower of Paris ...... .... .... .. .

Paragraph (for 1st & 2nd Paper):

  • A School Magazine/ School Library
  • Your Favorite Teacher
  • A book fair I visited/ Book fair/ Village fair
  • Early Rising
  • A Rainy Day/ A Winter Morning
  • Your National Flag
  • A Tea Stall
  • A Moonlit Night
  • Load Shedding
  • Traffic Jam
  • Pahela Boishakh
  • A Railway Station
  • Mobile Phone/ Television/ Computer
  • Tree Plantation/ Deforestation
  • The Life of a Farmer
  • Price Hike
  • Environment Pollution/ Water Pollution/ Sound Pollution
  • A Rickshaw Puller/ A Street Hawker/ A Street Accident/ A Day Labourer
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    Story Writing:

    • Robert Bruce
    • The crow and the jar
    ................... coming soon more.

    Informal Letter:

    • invite him to attend the party of your birthday.
    • inviting him to go with you to visit ...... .... .... .. . a place of historical interest.
    • telling him/ her the importance of reading newspaper.
    • thanking him/ her for his hospitality.
    • telling your friend what you intend to do after your S.S.C Examination.
    • expressing your condolence at her/ her fathers death.


    • Write an E-mail to your friend kamal inviting him on the marriage ceremony of your elder sister.
    • ...... a publisher to a accept an order for sending some books as per your list.
    • ...... to your father telling hiom about your preparation for the coming S.S.C Examination
    • ...... to your friend kamal giving him congratulation on his brilliant result in the S.S.C Examination.


    • Two friends about future life.
    • Two friends about your preparation for S.S.C examination.
    • Two friends on health problem.
    • You and the doctor about the suffering from fever.
    • You and your fried about the necessity of tree plantation.
    • Two friends about mobile phone.
    • Two friends the necessity of reading news paper.

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