List of Nobel Prize Laureates 2016

  1. Subject: Physics (4 people)
    • (i) Name: David J. Thouless
      Born: September 21, 1934 (Bearsden, United Kingdom)
      Prize share: 1/2

      David J. Thouless
    • (ii) Name: F. Duncan M. Haldane
      Born: September 14, 1951 (London, United Kingdom)
      Prize share: 1/4

      F. Duncan M. Haldane
    • (iii) Name: J. Michael Kosterlitz
      Born: June 22, 1943 (Aberdeen, United Kingdom)
      Prize share: 1/4

      J. Michael Kosterlitz
  2. Subject: Chemistry (3 people)
    • (i) Name: Jean-Pierre Sauvage
      Born: October 21, 1944 (Paris, France)
      Prize share: 1/3

      Jean-Pierre Sauvage
    • (ii) Name: Sir J. Fraser Stoddart
      Born: May 24, 1942 (Edinburgh, United Kingdom)
      Prize share: 1/3
      Sir J. Fraser Stoddart
    • (iii) Name: Bernard L. Feringa
      Born: May 18, 1951 (Barger-Compascuum, the Netherlands)
      Prize share: 1/3

      Bernard L. Feringa
  3. Subject: Physiology or Medicine (1 people)
    • (i) Name: Yoshinori Ohsumi
      Born: February 9, 1945 (Fukuoka, Japan)
      Prize share: 1/1

      Yoshinori Ohsumi
  4. Subject: Literature (1 people)
    • (i) Name: Bob Dylan
      Born: May 24, 1941 (Duluth, MN, USA)
      Prize share: 1/1

      Bob Dylan
  5. Subject: Peace (1 people)
    • (i) Name: Juan Manuel Santos
      Born: August 10, 1951 (Bogotá, Colombia)
      Prize share: 1/1
      Juan Manuel Santos
  6. Subject: Economics (2 people)
    • (i) Name: Oliver Hart
      Born: October 9, 1948 (London, United Kingdom)
      Prize share: 1/2
      Oliver Hart
    • (ii) Name: Bengt Holmström
      Born: April 18, 1949 (Helsinki, Finland)
      Prize share: 1/2
      Bengt Holmström
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