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RU 1st Year Hons. Admission 2017-18

Rajshahi University
1st Year Hons. AdmissionSession: 2017-2018

For details:

JUST Admission notice of M.Sc./M. Engineering for Chemical Engineering (Session: 2016-17)

Jessore University of Science and Technology
Admission notice of M.Sc./M. Engineering for Chemical EngineeringSession: 2016-17

JSC Exam-2017 Routine

Junior School Certificate Exam-2017 Routine


Military Institute of Science and Technology (MIST)
Military Institute of Science and Technology (MIST) started its journey since 19 April 1998. It is the pioneer Technical Institute of Bangladesh Armed Forces, It was the visionary leadership of the Honorable Prime Minister of People’s Republic of Bangladesh Sheikh Hasina to establish this Institute.

MIST is located on the northwest part of Dhaka City at Mirpur Cantonment. Mirpur Cantonment is well known to be the ‘Education Village’ of Bangladesh Armed Forces and a hub of knowledge for military / civil students and professionals.

First Academic Program was launched on 31 January 1999 with the maiden batch of Civil Engineering (CE). Computer Science & Engineering (CSE) Program was started from academic session 2000-2001 followed by Electrical, Electronic & Communication Engineering (EECE) and Mechanical Engineering (ME) Programs from 2002-2003. Aeronautical Engineering (AE) and Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering (NAME)…

14th NTRCA Exam Marks Distribution

Non-Government Teachers' Registration & Certification Authority (NTRCA) 14th NTRCA MCQ Exam Marks Distribution 14th NTRCA Non-Government Teacher Registration Exam will be held based on following marks distribution. This mark distribution for all level (School Level, School Level-2 & College Level).

Bangla : 25 marksEnglish : 25 marksGeneral Mathematics : 25 marksGeneral Knowlegdge : 25 marks
Total = 100 marks

To check out:14th Teachers' Registration Exam-2017 Notice

NU Masters (Regular) Program Admission (Session: 2015-2016)

National University Gazipur, Bangladesh Masters (Regular) Program Admission (Session: 2015-2016)

Nobel Prize Laureates 2016

List of Nobel Prize Laureates 2016Subject: Physics (4 people)
(i) Name: David J. Thouless
Born: September 21, 1934 (Bearsden, United Kingdom)
Prize share: 1/2

(ii) Name: F. Duncan M. Haldane
Born: September 14, 1951 (London, United Kingdom)
Prize share: 1/4

(iii) Name: J. Michael Kosterlitz
Born: June 22, 1943 (Aberdeen, United Kingdom)
Prize share: 1/4

Subject: Chemistry (3 people)
(i) Name: Jean-Pierre Sauvage
Born: October 21, 1944 (Paris, France)
Prize share: 1/3

(ii) Name: Sir J. Fraser Stoddart
Born: May 24, 1942 (Edinburgh, United Kingdom)
Prize share: 1/3
(iii) Name: Bernard L. Feringa
Born: May 18, 1951 (Barger-Compascuum, the Netherlands)
Prize share: 1/3

Subject: Physiology or Medicine (1 people)
(i) Name: Yoshinori Ohsumi
Born: February 9, 1945 (Fukuoka, Japan)
Prize share: 1/1

Subject: Literature (1 people)
(i) Name: Bob Dylan
Born: May 24, 1941 (Duluth, MN, USA)
Prize share: 1/1

Subject: Peace (1 people)
(i) Name: Juan Manuel Santos
Born: August 10, 1951 (Bogotá, Colombia)
Prize share: 1/1
Subject: Eco…

Books & Writers | English Literature

» David Copperfield → Charles Dickens

» Hamlet → William Shakespeare

» The Rime of the Ancient Mariner → Samuel Taylor Coleridge

» Das Capital → Karl Mark

» Animal Farm → George Orwell

» Dialogues → Plato

» Tempest → William Shakespeare

» Main Kemp → Ad loaf Hitler

» Mother → Maxim Gorky

» As You Like it → William Shakespeare

» Paradise Lost → John Milton

» The Tale of Two Cities → Charles Dickens

» The Merchant of Venice → William Shakespeare

» Pride and Prejudice → Jane Austen

» All’s Well that Ends Well → William Shakespeare

» Anna Karenina → Leo Tolstoy

» Origin of Species → Charles Darwin

» Discovery of India → Johor Lal Nehru

» Asian Drama → Gunner Myrdal

» The Old Man and The Sea → Earnest Hemingway

» Julius Caesar → William Shakespeare

» Man and Superman → George Bernard Shaw

» War and Peace → Leo Tolstoy

» Gulliver’s Travels → Jonathan Swift

» Heaven and Earth → Lord Byron

» Blue Bird → Lord Alfred Tennyson

» Othello → William Shakespeare

» India Wins Freedom → Abul Kalam Az…

DBBL Scholarship for HSC/ Equivalent Exam-2017 Passed Students

Dutch-Bangla Bank Ltd. (DBBL)

Scholarship for HSC/ Equivalent Exam-2017 Passed Students

To apply: Apply for Scholarship