Question: Which one is the most live able city in the world?
Answer: Melbourne

Question: Which one is the rugby world cup champion?
Answer: New Zealand

Question: When Bangladesh issued 1000 taka note?
Answer: 2008

Question: Densely populated country in the world.
Answer: Monaco

Question: Who made first double century in ODI cricket?
Answer: Sachin Tendulkar

Question: What is the largest district in BD?
Answer: Rangamati

Question: Inter bank Fund transfer through what?
Answer: BEFTN

Question: Which method used to ranking bank in BD?
Answer: CAMELS

Question: Where is UN Women headquart situated?
Answer: New York

Question: Orange revolution reltaed to which country?
Answer: Ukrain

Question: Binut Bibi Mosque located in which city?
Answer: Dhaka

Question: When BD become the member of IMF?
Answer: 1972

Question: First community radio in bd?
Answer: Radio Padma

Question: In which year DSE formed?
Answer: 1954

Question: G15 group is an economic grouping of?
Answer: 3d world nation

Question: Which sector contributes most in GDP?
Answer: Service

Question: Which country called Mid Night Sun?
Answer: Norway

Question: Literacy day?
Answer: 8 Septembe

Question: The motto of UNO is _____.
Answer: Its your world!

Question: How many accused were there in Agartala conspiray case?
Answer: 35

Question: What is part of database that holds only one type of information?
Answer: Field

Question: How many sites were declared as world heritage by UNESCO in Bangladesh?
Answer: 3

Question: Where is the Head Quarter of Interpol located?
Answer: Lyon

Question: How many domes are there in the Shait Gombuj Mosque?
Answer: 77 Domes

Question: Which from the following countries is Not a member of D8?
Answer: India

Question: INI extension refers usually to what kind of file?
Answer: System file

Question: Which Bengali novel was regarded as the first novel in Bangladesh?
Answer: Alaler ghore dulal

Question: Who developed Yahoo?
Answer: David Filo, Jerry Yang

Question: What do we call a network whose elements may be separate by some distance? It usually involves two or more small networks and dedicated high-speed telephone lines_____.
Answer: WAN (telephone lines are used in WAN, not LAN)

Question: Mina Cartoon:
Answer: Mustafa Monowar

Question: The james tait black prize:
Answer: Zia Haider Rahman

Question: SDG Goals:
Answer: 17

Question: What is meant by the stars that have been embedded in the National Emblem of Bangladesh?
Answer: Founding principles of the constitution of 1972

Question: First double century in Test Cricket for Bangladesh:
Answer: Mushfiqur

Question: What is Monpura-70?
Answer: a painting

Question: UN non-permanent members:
Answer: 10

Question: How many people received Ekushey Padak 2016?
Answer: 16

Question: “The history of the peloponnesian war” Author ______.
Answer: Thucydides

Question: Where is Cheradiya located
Answer: South of St martins

Question: OIC official languages:
Answer: 3

Question: What is a type of Electrically Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory:
Answer: Flash

Question: Lang boundary agreement between Bangladesh and India was signed:
Answer: 1974

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