» Question: . The total number of countries that officially use Euro as currency is _____ .
¬ Answer: 19

» Question::Taka 10 polymer note was first introduced in Bangladesh in:
¬ Answer: 2000

» Question: Which of the following countries is the last member of the United Nations?
¬ Answer: South Sudan

» Question: Which of the following countries recently officially accepted Bitcoin and digital currencies as legal money?
¬ Answer: Japan

» Question: The only rock mine of Bangladesh is situated in:
¬ Answer: Dinajpur

» Question: Fazle Kabir is the _____ governor of Bangladesh Bank.
¬ Answer: 11

» Question: .Which one of the following has recently been included in UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity list?
¬ Answer: Mongol Sobhajatra

» Question: In 2016, who won the Nobel Prize in medicine?
¬ Answer: Yoshinori Oshumi

» Question: Which Bangladeshi players name has been included in the Guinness book of Records?
¬ Answer: Rani Hamid

» Question: The Headquarter of Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) is located in:
¬ Answer: Beijing

» Question: Which country is not a member of G-20?
¬ Answer: Malaysia

» Question: A 'Bear Marker' means, share prices are:
¬ Answer: falling

» Question: Yuan is the currency of:
¬ Answer: China

» Question: Which country receives the highest amount of foreign aid in the world?
¬ Answer: Afghanistan

Source: General Knowledge | Agrani Bank Limited Appointment Test, 2017

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