» Question: Education for all people _____ a mammoth task.
¬ Answer: is

» Question: Man has no escape death.
¬ Answer: from

» Question: Today the world is passing through _____ Juncture.
¬ Answer: critical

» Question: The old man can not help _____ a cup of tea.
¬ Answer: having

» Question: There is ____ milk in the bottle.
¬ Answer: very little

» Question: The shirt is _____.
¬ Answer: after my taste

» Question: What is the meaning of 'prior to' _____ ?
¬ Answer: before

» Question:. The suffering of the poor man
¬ Answer: beggars description

» Question: I wish I had seen you before. (Exclamatory)
¬ Answer: Had I seen you before!

» Question: Beside going to the book fair, I bought a number of books. (Compound)
¬ Answer: I went to the book fair and and bought a number of books.

» Question:Do you find your payment too little? (Passive)
¬ Answer: Is your payment found too little to you?

» Question:There is little milk in the glass. (Interrogative)
¬ Answer: ls there any milk in the glass?

» Question:I know him better than you. (Positive)
¬ Answer: You do not know him as well I know him

» Question:I am sure he (pass) the examination.
¬ Answer: will pass

» Question:Walk carefully lest _____ .
¬ Answer: you should stumble

» Question:People (talk) his courage even after his death.
¬ Answer: talk of

» Question:Three-fourth of the work _____ finished.
¬ Answer: is

» Question: We felt very tired. The word 'tired' used in the sentence is _____.
¬ Answer: none (Adverb)

» Question: The verb of the word 'beautiful' is _____.
¬ Answer: beautify

» Question: The synonym of the word 'huge' is _____.
¬ Answer: colossal

» Question: The synonym of the word 'unique' is _____.
¬ Answer: distinctive

Source: 13th NTRCA Exam Question (School Level)

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