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Established in 1992 by an Act of Parliament of Bangladesh as an affiliating University, the National University caters the general education at graduate and post-graduate level in colleges/professional institutions hitherto remained affiliated to different public universities in the country. More than two million students are studying in 2154 colleges/institutions affiliated to this university.
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To know more about National University, Bangladesh:
  • National University Act :
  • Members of the Senate :
  • Members of the Syndicate :

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Academic Courses under National University, Bangladesh:

01. Degree

02. Honours

03. Masters

04. Professional:

  • MBA 1st Semester
  • MBA 2nd Semester
  • BBA Result
  • CSE 1st Semester
  • CS 1st Semester
  • CS 2nd Semester
  • LLB 1st Semester
  • LLB Final
  • Library Science
  • M.Sc. In CS
  • B.P.ED.
  • M.Ed.
  • B.Ed.
  • B.Ed (Special)
  • B.Ed (Hon)
  • Journalism

M. Phil./ Ph.D.Programme Unit under NU, BD

With a view to enhance the standard of education by improving the quality of teachers in the affiliated colleges, National University has introduced M.Phil. and Ph.D. Programme. In 2006, 77 research fellows enrolled for M.Phil. programme and 55 research fellows enrolled for Ph.D. programme in different disciplines. This programme has opened a new avenue of advanced study especially for the college teachers teaching at graduation and post graduation level throughout the country. Read more »

School of Under Graduate Studies

The School of Under Graduate Studies functions to organize and consolidate undergraduate education, prepare syllabuses and curriculum, draft examination rules, strengthen teachers training to ensure quality education.

Eligibility for Admission into Under Graduate Level:

General requirement for entry to first year of a degree course is Higher Secondary School Certificate (HSC) of the Boards of Intermediate and Secondary Education and Alim Examination of Madrashah Education Board or any other examination recognized by the university as equivalent to HSC examination.

Students from abroad should apply on the prescribed form through Bangladesh diplomatic missions in their respective country of domicile or through their respective country’s diplomatic representatives in Bangladesh.

Names of the degrees awarded and duration of the courses:

  • Three year for pass courses and four year for Honours courses for Bachelor Degree.
  • The degrees awarded in pass courses are: Bachelor of Arts (BA), Bachelor of Social Science (BSS), Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.), Bachelor of Business Studies (B.B.S.).
  • Degrees awarded in Honours courses are B.A. (Honours), B.S.S. (Honours), B.Sc. (Honours), B.B.S (Honours), B.B.A.(Honours) and Bachelor of Computer Science (Honours) etc.
  • Classification of degrees: All graduation degrees are classified as First Class, Second Class and Third Class.

Centre For Post-Graduate Studies Training & Research

The Centre For Post-graduate Studies, Training & Research is one of the several statutory authorities of National University. The centre is composed of languages, Humanities, Social Science, Commerce & Business Administration, Natural Science, Mathematical Science, Biological Science, Education, Law & Computer Science and Technology. As per the University Act the centre is to be supported and guided by a Board of Directors and a Board of Studies, composed of specified members for implementing all its activities.

The Centre for Post-graduate Studies, Training and Research is responsible for its plans, policies and actions to the Academic Council & the Syndicate and is under the direct guidance & control of the Vice-Chancellor of the National University. A Dean is in charge of the Centre for Post-graduate Studies, Training & Research as one of the functionaries of the University.

Functions of the Centre:

The Centre organises staff development programme, refreshers/ orientation courses, seminars and workshops in different subjects for the college teachers. A batch of 120 teachers of 4 disciplines, 30 for each, participates in a curriculum based training of 45 days. Financed by the university funds the Centre conducts this programme round the year.
In Co-operation and Collaboration with the School of Graduate Studies, Centre for Curriculum Development & Evaluation, and College Inspection the Centre is to issue necessary instructions to the colleges and supervise their over all management.
For improving the competence and skill of the affiliated colleges the Centre submits plan of action to the Academic Council and takes necessary steps to execute the decisions taken by the authority.
The Centre recommends syllabuses and curriculums of Post-graduate courses, formulate regulations regarding admission and participation in examinations.

Names of the degrees awarded and duration of the courses:
  • M.A : 1 year full-time after 4 years B.A. Honors or 2 years full-time after 3 years B.A. Pass.
  • M.S.S : 1 year full-time after 3 years B.S.S Honors or 2 years full-time after B.S.S Pass.
  • M.Sc : 1 year full-time after 4 years B.Sc Honors or 2 years full-time after B.Sc (Pass) Degree.
  • M.Com : 1 year full-time after 4 years B.B.S. Honors or 2 years full-time after B.B.S. Pass.

Professional Degrees:
  • An applicant requires graduation degree for getting admission into a Professional course. Following are the Professional courses offered:
  • B.Ed, B.P.Ed, B.S.ED. M.S.ED., B.B.A., M.B.A., Library and Information Science, Computer Science, Fine Arts, Defence services courses & several others.

Language of Instruction:
  • Instruction- Bangla or English
  • Examination- Bangla or English
  • Along with the statutory functions, the Dean of Centre for Post-graduate Studies, Training & Research has been entrusted with all the activities of the Academic Section of the National University, namely:

a) The registrations of the students of all the faculties and courses such as Degree (Pass) Courses, Hons and Masters Courses, B.Ed, B.P.Ed, Law, Computer Science. BBA, MBA, Fine Arts, Defence services courses & several others.

b) Issuance of transfer cetificate, testimonial, cancellation of admission, conducting admission tests for colleges, determining the number of seats for admission to different courses, determining the equivalence of courses & degrees, selection of scholarships and others.

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