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BOU Sub Regional Centers

Sub Regional Centers

4/ka, govt. Laboratory School Road Dhanmondi, Dhaka-1205
Phone: (02)9673669,Fax:+88-02-8616065

Sub-Regional Center, Narayangonj
70 Uttar Chashara, Narayangonj-1400
Phone: 7635177

Sub-Regional Center, Narsingdi
Riaz Villa, 358/4, West Brahmmandi, Narsingdi

Sub-Regional Center, Dhamrai
House#103/1, plot#A, Thana Road, South Para, Dhamrai, Dhaka
Phone: 02-7731046

Sub-Regional Center, Gazipur
B-19/2, South Chayabithi, Gazipur-1700
Phone: 9261311

Sub-Regional Center, Munshigonj
Hospital Road, Manikpur, Munshigonj
Phone: 0691-61554

Sub-Regional Center, Manikgonj
Nawkanda, Police line Manikgonj
Phone: 0651-61762

Sub-Regional Center, Sreenagar
Ansar VDP complex, Upazilla Praishad Bhaban
Sreenagar, Munshigonj

C.R.B Road, Chittagong
Phone: 031-619633

Sub-Regional Center, Rangamati
Rangapabni Road, Vetvedi Road, Rangamati
Phone: 0351-62405

Sub-Regional Center, Khagrachari
Adjacent to Woman college, Khagrachari
Phone: 0371-62029

Sub-Regional Center, Bandarban
kalaghata, P.O: Bandarban Sadar, Bandarban
Phone: 0361-62697

Sub-Regional Center,Cox's Bazar
Zilla Parishad Complex,1st floor(west side)
Circuit House Road, Cox’s Bazar

Nawhata, Paba, rajshahi

Sub-Regional Center, Chapai Nawabgonj
Rehair char (Adjacent to Mohananda Bridge), Chapai Nawabgonj-6300
Phone: 0781-62260

Sub-Regional Center, Pabna
Faisal Niketan, Library Bazar Road,Pabna
Phone: 0731-64721

Sub-Regional Center, Naogaon
Mahadebpur, Chalkbiram, Naogaon-6500

Sub-Regional Center, Natore
Victoria public Library, Kaporia Potti, Natore-6400
Phone: 0771-66469

Roshnebag, post: khulna University, Khulna
Phone: 041-731795

Sub-Regional Center, Bagerhat
New Jaikhana Road, Bagerhat
Phone: 0468-62420

Sub-Regional Center, Sahatkhira
Mehedi bag, Bakchar Road Rasulpur, Shatkhira-9400
Phone: 0471-64949

Housing Estate Rupatali, Barisal
Phone: 0431-2176282

Sub-Regional Center, Patuakhali
Titas Cinema Hall road, Patuakhali
Phone: 0441-64120

Sub-Regional Center, Barguna
Kalibari, Road, Barguna
Phone: 0446-62112

Sub-Regional Center, Bhola
Kheyaghat Road, Char Noabad, Bhola

Sub-Regional Center, Pirojpur
Bi-pass Road Pirojpur
Phone: 0461-63155

Pirizpur, South Surma, Sylhet
Phone: 0821-719523

Sub-Regional Centre, Moulvibazar
VTI Road, Moulvibazar-3200
Phone: 0861-62004

Sub-Regional Centre, Hobigonj
Rajnagar, R/A ( Near Hobigonj Govt. High School), Hobigonj
Phone: 0831-62248

Sub-Regional Centre, Sunamgonj
Wezkhli, Sunamgonj
Phone: 0871-61365

Sub-Regional Centre, Chatak
Upazilla Complex, Chatak, Sunamgonj
Phone: 0872-356236

Near the central Bus Terminal, Rangpur
Phone: 0521-63593

Sub-Regional Centre, Sayedpur
House# 95, Road#01, Natun Bapupara
Paurosova Road, Sayedpur, Nilphamari
Phone: 0552-62507

Sub-Regional Centre, Lalmonirhat
College Road, Vocational Moar, Lalmonirhat
Phone: 0591-62539

Sub-Regional Centre, Kaligonj
College Road, Post: Karimpur, Kaligonj
Phone: 05924-56003

Sub-Regional Centre, Dinajpur
Sheikhpur (Matasagar), Dinajpur
Phone: 0531-61056

Sub-Regional Centre, Kurigram
Kurigram, Taxtile Moar, Najira, Kurigram
Phone: 0581-61823

Sub-Regional Centre, Nilphamari
Kukha Para (Jore Dargah), Syedpur Road, Nilphamari
Phone: 0551-61978

Sub-Regional Centre, Panchagarh
Singhpara, Near Police Line , Panchagarh
Phone: 0568-61909

Sub-Regional Centre, Thakurgaon
Singiah, Thakurgaon
Phone: 0561-61795

Maskanda, Mymensingh
Phone: 091-65298

Sub-Regional Centre, Kishoregonj
Nagua Sesh matha, Mirbari, Netrokona
Phone: 0941-61687

Sub-Regional Centre, Sherpur
Boyra, poranpur, Sherpur
Phone: 0931-62476

Sub-Regional Centre, Modhupur
Shirin Mahal, Fazlul Huq ,Road, Adalatpara
Phone: 09228-56222

Sub-Regional Centre, Tangail
Garail Moaza, Tangail-Delduer Road, Tangail
Phone: 0921-61011

Sub-Regional Centre, Jamalpur
Holding no. 1403(new), 2nd Floor
(Opposite T &T Office, Bokultala Moar), Jamalpur
Phone: 0981-63917

Sub-Regional Centre, Netrakona
Nagra, Mirbari (Opposite BADC Office)
Phone: 0951-62381

Post: Uposahar, Dist: Jessore
Phone : 0421-68526

Sub-Regional Centre, Jhenaidah
Choto Kamar Kundu, (Jessor Road) , Jhenaidah-7300
Phone: 0451-61157

Sub-Regional Centre, Narail
Mohishkhola, City College Road , Narail-7500
Phone: 0481-62906

Sub-Regional Centre, Magura
Thana Head Quarter, Magura-7600
Phone: 0488-63206

Sub-Regional Centre, Chuadanga
Muslimpara, By- pass Road , Chuadanga-7200
Phone: 0761-63056

Sub-Regional Centre, Meherpur
Gazetted Staff Qtr.(Near to Circuit House), Meherpur
Phone: 0791-62144

Sub-Regional Centre, Kushtia
Customs moar (Nearby Stadium), Kushtia-7000,
Phone: 071-62437

Durgapur, Comilla
Phone: 081-77557

Sub-Regional Center, Brahmmanbaria
Sourth Suhilpur, P.O: Gatora,Brahmmanbaria-3400
Phone: 0851-63244

Sub-Regional Center, Chandpur
Ruhi Mahal (2nd Floor), 757 Comilla Road
Phone: 0841-66999

Sub-Regional Center, Feni
Kajuria, Feni-3900
Phone: 0331-63100

Sub-Regional Center, Laxmipur
T&T Road, Bagbari Laxmipur,
Phone: 0381-62900

Sub-Regional Center, Noakhali
Kadamtali, Maizdi, Noakhali

Sub-Regional Center, Daudkandi
Daudkandi, Comilla
Phone: 01752147674

Biswa Road, Banani, Bogra
Phone: 051-62794

Sub-Regional Center, Joypurhat
khanjapur(in front of PTI), Joypurhat
Phone: 0571-63431

Sub-Regional Center, Gaibandha
Palash Bari Road, (west side of circuit house)
Ballamjarh, Gaibanda
Phone: 0541-62326

Sub-Regional Center, Sirajgonj
Fakirtala, Sirajgonj
Phone: 0751-63146

Harokanda, Faridpur
Phone: 0631-62081

Sub-Regional Center, Madaripur
106 Eterpur, Kokrail, Madaripur
Phone: 0661-62054

Sub-Regional Center, Gopalgonj
Sheikh Fajilatunnesa Govt. Women College Complex, Gopalgonj
Phone: 02-6681395

Sub-Regional Center, Shariatpur
Near to Fire Service Office , Shariatpur
Phone: 0601-61220

Sub-Regional Center, Rajbari
Sajjankanda, Shreepur, Rajbari
Phone: 0641-66143

Sub-Regional Centre Services:

All educational activities of Bangladesh Open University (BOU) are implemented through SRC’s. Educational activities of BOU are reached in people door step of all classes from the highest to the lowest at grass root level of our country which SRCs play main role to involve them in the educational activities.

The following activities are performed through SRCs.

  1. To implement of all academic program of BOU as per BOU rules.
  2. To publish advertisement for admission in daily news paper & distribution of study materials to Study Centers (SCs) of BOU.
  3. To select and to manage of Study Centers as per BOU rules.
  4. To ensure the facilities of Study Centers.
  5. Proposal for appointment of Course Wise Tutors of Study Centers.
  6. Proposal for appointment of Study Centers Coordinator.
  7. Take necessary action to select exam center and to maintain the exam activities under BOU rules & regulations.
  8. To arrange Training Session, Workshop and Meetings.
  9. To workshop awareness regarding public relations activities.
  10. To ensure, Library, Audio, Video, Radio & Television facilities.
  11. To arrange counseling and guidance for the learner.
  12. To involve the learners for BOU’s academic programs.
  13. To take initiative to improve the co-curricular activities.
  14. To select, organizing and manage of examination centers.
  15. To distribute of results and necessary academic papers.
  16. Communicate with head of educational institution, local government, NGO.
  17. To coordinate & liaison with Regional Centers (RCs), Schools, Divisions and other officers.
  18. Financial management and preservation of official records and documents.
  19. To prepare and submit the yearly report of Student Support Services (SSS) Division to the authority.
  20. To collect of students information & preserve the all kinds of academic rewards.
  21. Others responsibilities which is impose by BOU authority.


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There are many colleges offer LL.B. Post Gradate Degree under National University, Bangladesh. To admit, could choice favourite college from following list:

LLB Colleges Under National University, Bangladesh
Sl No. College name College Code 001 BAGERHAT LAW COLLEGE, BAGERHAT 0119 002 BANGABANDHU LAW COLLEGE, COMILLA 3751 003